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Micro Scalp Pigmentation

No Clinic Can Create Natural And Permanent Results Like We Have Been Delivering At Our Worldwide Clinics For Many Years. We Are The World Leaders In MSP Treatments.

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Hair Transplants

A Vinci Hair Transplant Is An Outpatient Procedure Carried Out In One Of Our Specialized Clinics. Permanent Hair Is Removed From One Area And Placed Into The Balding Or Thinning Areas.

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After Vinci Hair transplant London

Hair loss treatments for Men

Are you worried about your hair loss and feel that becoming bald is inevitable? Well, It’s not! The truth is that today we can offer medical treatments that can not only stop further hair loss, but also fill in to


Hair Loss Treatments for Women

While the causes of female hair loss for can vary greatly from the causes of male hair loss, the process of a hair transplant are fairly similar for both. The procedure is carried out by a Specialist Vinci hair transplant


Scalp MicroPigmentation

Scalp MicroPigmentation treatments for men are an effective technique in hair loss treatment and can be used for most clients for fantastic results either as a standalone treatment, or as part of a hair transplant or other solutions for even

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Does Scalp Pigmentation Last

Does Scalp Pigmentation Last?

Scalp pigmentation does last, but it also can fade over time. However, with careful management and good aftercare (including protecting your scalp from the sun, and using a daily moisturiser), the fading effects should be minimal, allowing for a natural, confidence boosting hairline to stay in place. Read more →

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