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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplants Explained

Hair Loss Explained:

A Vinci hair transplant is an outpatient procedure which can help you to achieve a new and improved head of hair.

Female Hair Transplant Solutions

Female Hair Loss Solutions

Some women experience hair loss too. To find out if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant, please read our information about female hair procedures and contact us today.

Hair Transplants

All About Hair Transplants

A Vinci Hair Transplant procedure is performed by our specialist hair transplant surgeons and technicians, which takes hair from the donor area. As the hair from the donor area is genetically programmed to grow for the rest of your life, it is then placed into the areas where hair loss is most noticeable.

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Hair Transplant and Micro Scalp Pigmentation Before and After Galleries

Free Online Hair Transplant Consultations

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Vinci Hair Clinic™ has the largest network of hair loss clinics offering hair transplants, medical treatments, the revolutionary Scalp Micropigmentation treatment and PRP hair restoration treatment. All of our treatments are specifically designed to help you restore your lost hair and create a new hairline for you. To see if we can help you with your hair loss situation, please feel free to book a free consultation at one of our clinics around the world.

Vinci Hair Transplant and Micro Scalp Pigmentation Clinics

Worldwide Locations

An international hair restoration company comes with international recognition, as you would expect. Vinci Hair Clinic have not just the recognition, but also a reputation and professionalism which is second to none. We have clinics across the world including the United Kingdom, Spain, United States, Dubai, Saudi ArabiaBrazil, Australia, and Chile.

Vinci Hair Clinic™ is the worldwide industry leader in hair transplants for both male and female clients, eyebrow and body hair transplant procedures, as well as medication and other alternative hair restoration treatments.

Our medical team is there for you and is dedicated to helping you restore your hair. We offer the best personal service and always an honest evaluation and advice for your individual hair loss problem. We know how traumatic hair loss can be for you, and our hair transplant results prove how life changing a hair transplant could be for you.

A Vinci Hair Transplant is a simple procedure that takes non-dht effected hair from the donor area. The transplant results are totally undetectable, perfectly natural, and almost maintenance free. Our permanent hair loss solutions are designed individually for our clients, and are carried out by our hair loss teams around the world on thousands of patients.

Also visit the Scalp Pigmentation section of our website for information on the truly innovative non surgical solution to hair loss we have developed over recent years.

To find out if one of our hair loss treatments is right for you, please begin the free consultation process.

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Mesotherapy for Hair Regrowth

Mesotherapy for Hair Regrowth

Would you like to achieve thicker, stronger and better looking hair without needing surgery? Are you interested in maintaining your hair and get regrowth of thinning hair to its former appearance?