Dr Lucianni Carneiro at Vinci Hair Clinic in LondonDr Lucianni has dedicated years to the study and research of hair loss and hair restoration. This initially led him to Vinci Hair Clinic where he was first a patient at our Harley Street, London Clinic and from that point decided to dedicate his career and medical expertise to surgical hair restoration.

Dr. Luciannis Brazilian and Germanic background gives him the advantage of an innate eye for aesthetic creativity and beauty and dedicated attention to detail and precision. Two major aspects to performing a world class hair transplant result, and is comfortable in performing either the FUT or FUE techniques.

Dr Lucianni has worked in the National Health Service (NHS) to study and actively participated in hair loss treatments and surgical hair restoration with Vinci Hair Clinic.

Having studied medicine in Brazil, Germany and the UK Dr. Lucianni is fluent in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese. When working in Germany he became experienced in the fields of Intensive Care, Surgery and worked at the European Liver Transplant Clinic in Munich that paved the way to him becoming an expert in hair transplants.

His skills supported themselves to micro surgery and hair transplantation, with an attention to detail and dedication to perfection. Along with his empathy to his patients concerns, Dr. Lucianni feels the best hair transplant results are achieved with the blend of surgical ability and listening to his patients goals.

Having had a number of medical articles published he is a firm believer in educating his patients as well as himself, always keeping up to date with the latest surgical techniques to give his patients the best treatment possible.

Dr. Lucianni has worked in our surgical Clinics in Malaga, Spain, and London, now based in our Harley Street Clinic where he is fully GMC registered (GMC 7223663) as well as holding an active registration with the German Medical Board.

He believes he has a bond with his patients as a hair transplant patient himself, giving him a unique understanding of his patients that complement his medical skills and keen eye for beauty and detail in achieving the best results for his patients.