Dr Nestor Pissano is specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeon that has practiced medicine in Argentina and Spain since 1991.  Dr Pissano was introduced to hair transplants in 1996 and became fascinated with just how life changing the results can be for patients who undergo the surgery, not only enhancing their appearance but overall wellbeing through the benefits of improved self esteem and a more youthful image.

Nestor Pissano Vinci Hair ClinicSince being introduced to surgical hair restoration Nestor has done over 2.000 hair transplant surgeries and introduced many of the techniques he learner during his plastic and reparative surgery career to the field of hair transplants to improve the results.

Nestor who studied fine arts before moving on to medicene sees hair restoration as a way of using his medical skills in harmony with his artistic creativity, the design of the hairline, the correct angles of the hairs implanted and the correct hair distribution during the surgery are what drives him to use his artistic and surgical talent together.

From an early age Nestor was a great fan of Leonardo Da Vinci and his work on the human form introduced by Leonardo Da Vinci through the Vitruvian or the ideal man, “joining Vinci Hair Clinic in Spain has given me the chance to work with a company that is the leader in hair restoration worldwide and truly embraces the art of hair transplants as well as the medical site”.

Nestor does Vinci FUE and FUT hair transplant surgeries in Spain as well as our trademark Vinci Max procedures.