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May 03

Hair Implant in the UK and Dubai

Hair Implant in the UK and Dubai. Most Commonly asked questions:

I have had a previous strip hair transplant that left e with a fine almost invisible scar, would a second strip be done on top of my existing FUT scar or taken from another area, so I would only be left with one scar or have two? 

We would usually extract the existing scar with the new one so you will be left with only one fine line at the back as you already have you already have.

 Are more patients going with FUE now or FUT at Vinci Hair clinic? 

More patients are candidates for FUT than FUE when evaluated on their hair loss and best procedure for them, as I said both procedures are good but the better procedure depends on the candidate and his requirements.  We probably do slightly more FUT than FUE in London and Spain while Brazil tends to do more FUE and in Dubai its probably close to 50/50.


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