Vinci Hair Clinic was the first medical clinic in the world to perform SMP, and over the years we have refined our techniques and methods in the pursuit of excellence.

Scalp MicroPigmentation Confidence

So, what´s the difference with SMP at a Vinci Hair Clinic? Our own approach and understanding of how the treatment can deliver the best, natural looking results comes from a surgical hair restoration background. We approach SMP with the same level of dedication, medical excellence, artistic design as we do our surgical hair restoration procedures; we are not a tattoo or beauty salon.

Having seen many inferior and poor results from SMP we have taken on many demanding and challenging repair cases; unfortunately for the many we have treated more have to be refused as without knowledge of the pigmentation types used contraindications can occur. The only solution for some is having the existing pigment removed first before we continue to rebuild their coverage and density again.

Not everyone makes a good SMP candidate, we will guide you through the process, and advise on hair line design, what the pros and cons of SMP are, until we feel you have the knowledge and understanding to be happy with your result; we believe an informed client will be a satisfied client. Being medically trained means we have to automatically keep our standards high, and this can be seen from our professional SMP technicians across our many clinics world-wide; were you are welcome to visit if need be and receive the same exacting standards.

Before deciding on SMP it is important to ensure you are a good candidate, contact a Vinci Hair Clinic near to you. You can speak to one of our advisors on the phone, or complete the contact form for a free no obligation consultation.