Are you worried about hair loss and feel losing it is inevitable? It doesn’t have to be. The truth is today there are medical treatments available that can not only preserve your hair, but thicken thin areas, or restore the look of a full head of hair again.

Interested in finding out how?

Read on to learn about hair loss and how it’s possible make it a thing of the past. Firstly, why do we lose our hair? Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) is linked to the male hormone by-product Dihydrotestosterone, (DHT), everyone produces it but it affects some men more than others. Hair loss can range from minor thinning or receding to advanced hair loss, leaving only a band of hair around the sides and back of the head. The level of hair loss is largely down to genetic patterning, but lifestyle and other factors can also influence how fast or how much hair we lose. Some do not believe there is an answer to hair loss, often shaving their hair or trying to style their hair to cover thinning areas; this can result in actually making the hair loss more obvious, and cause greater distress.

1. Stop Hair Loss


Firstly, we look at stabilising hair loss; how? Especially in the early stages of hair loss there are two FDA approved medications proven to reduce and stabilise hair loss. Your consultant can help and guide you to evaluating the best course of action.

2. Get It Back

For those that want to restore their lost hair, not just stabilise their hair loss then a hair transplant is the only option. More and more celebrities, Wayne Rooney, Mathew McConaughly to name two are among the 300,000 hair transplants performed each year. A Vinci hair transplant is a permanent solution to hair restoration and perfectly natural. You style and look after your hair in the exact same way as your existing hair, because that is exactly what it is, your own hair. If you think this comes with a celebrity price tag you are mistaken; hair transplants are affordable to most, and with the option of an interest free payment plan allows you to budget easier.

3. Create The Look Of A Shaved Style Without Surgery

If surgical hair restoration or hair loss medications are not an option, and you like the shaved hair look then your option is Scalp MicroPigmentation, or the SMP technique; a non-surgical solution. SMP tones the skin with coloured pigment to mimic very short or shaved hair; it looks perfectly natural and requires no maintenance.

Hair loss and restoration treatments are not reserved for the rich and famous; Vinci Hair Clinic offers free consultations across or Clinics nationwide. Treatment programmes are affordable to most, and with the option of an interest free payment plan allows you to budget easier.

scalp-pigmentation-before-and-after-014. Contact Us And Get A Free Evaluation

Getting professional advice is your first decision making step to recovering your hair. Many feel they had contacted us and done something sooner about their hair loss.

Contact us now for your free evaluation on 020 300 494 84 or fill in the form below for more information and confidential, friendly advice. All the photos you will see on this website are of actual Vinci Hair Clinic patients and staff, no Photoshop, models or stock photos are used.

What are your hair restoration options?

There are a range of options available, dependent on your circumstances and goals, from surgical and non-surgical hair loss remedies.

Am I a good hair restoration candidate? It´s important to ensure you choose the right option dependent on your circumstances. Vinci is dedicated to giving personal and professional advice, helping you make the correct decision so you receive the result you deserve.

Hair Transplant Surgery

There is no need for overnight stays; the majority of our procedures are carried out in a single day in one of our clinics or hospitals.

Hair transplant after

Genetically strong/permanent hair is moved to an area of hair loss; this can be achieved by a number of techniques dependent on what is correct:

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Vinci MAX
  • Eyebrow Transplant
  • Beard Transplant
  • Body Hair Transplant

Scalp MicroPigmentation

Vinci Hair Clinic is a world leader in developing and evolving the SMP technique; a treatment that can deliver the appearance of a shaved look regardless of your hair loss pattern.

After SMP

The Vinci SMP team is highly experienced internationally, being the first medical clinic to develop SMP as a solution for those that conventional hair restoration techniques could not help:

  • SMP for a shaved hairstyle
  • SMP for alopecia
  • SMP for hair transplant scars
  • SMP for women
  • Combined FUE and SMP procedures

Need help in finding the right option for you, please contact us and our experienced advisors are here to help.