going-baldAre you worried about your hair loss and feel that becoming bald is inevitable? Well, It’s not! The truth is that today we can offer medical treatments that can not only stop further hair loss, but also fill in to thinning areas, give you a back your hairline or cover that balding crown!

Interested in finding out how?

Continue to read and we will give you all the basics on hair loss and on how you can say goodbye to it forever. Firstly, why do we go bald? Male pattern balding is related to a male hormone called DHT (Dihdrotesterone), we all produce it, but it affects some men more than others. Some may experience mild hair loss or receding, while others can become almost totally bald if nothing is done. How bald one becomes is mostly down to your inherited genetic programming, but lifestyle and other factors will also influence how quickly this happens. Unfortunately, far too many men believe that hair loss is a bullet you can’t dodge and often shave off their hair or worse still, start styling their hair in certain ways to cover the bald and thinning areas. Unfortunately, these attempts at a cover up can often simply make it more obvious that one is going bald and can cause the person experiencing this huge distress.

1. Stop Hair Loss

comb-overFirstly, we need to look at stopping hair loss. How? If you are still in the early stages, there are actually two proven medications on the market that have FDA approval to stop hair loss, your consultant can help you further with evaluating if this is the first and best course of action for you.

2. Get It Back

For those who want to do more then simply stop the hair loss and would much rather get their hair back, a hair transplant is the only option that can do this for you. Many celebrities such as Wayne Rooney and Mathew McConaughey have already done just that and today, over 300.000 hair transplants are performed each year. A Vinci Hair transplant is permanent and perfectly natural, you style and take care of the hair exactly as you would your own existing hair because that is actually what it is, your own hair! And if you think this comes with a celebrity price tag, you are mistaken. Today, hair transplants are affordable for almost all budgets and we offer interest free payment plans. fut-hair-transplant

3. Create The Look Of A Shaved Style Without Surgery

If you prefer a non surgical solution, don’t want to think of medication and like the look of shaved or short hair, we can create this using our SMP – Scalp MicroPigmentation technique that can do exactly that without any surgery, medication or maintenance. This technique places pigments under the scalp that look extremely natural and don’t require any maintenance. scalp-pigmentation-before-and-after-01 Yes, today’s hair loss treatments aren’t simply reserved for the rich and famous. Wiith Vinci Hair Clinic, you can have a free consultation in our clinics nationwide and our treatments are affordable for almost any budget thanks to our interest free payment plans.

4. Contact Us And Get A Free Evaluation

This should actually be top of the list as getting professional advice is the first step to recovering your hair. Did you know that the number one regret of our patients is that they didn’t come and see us sooner?

Contact us now for your free evaluation on 020 300 494 84 or fill in the form below for more information and confidential, friendly advice. All the photos you will see on this website are of actual Vinci Hair Clinic patients and staff, no Photoshop, models or stock photos are used.

What are your main options for tackling hair loss?

A wide range of hair loss treatments is available at Vinci Hair Clinic for the treatment or concealment of male hair loss.

Exactly which treatment or procedure is right for you depends on your own personal circumstances, however it is true to say that not all solutions are appropriate for everyone, and qualified advice is definitely required for our clients to achieve the most satisfying outcome.

Hair Transplant Surgery

A Vinci hair transplant is an outpatient procedure for men carried out in one of our specialized clinics or hospitals.

Hair transplant after

During the procedure, permanent hair is removed from one area and placed into a bald or thinning area. Vinci Hair Clinic has the facilities to offer four leading types of procedure:

Scalp MicroPigmentation

Vinci Hair Clinic is one of the world’s leading Scalp Micropigmentation specialists, offering groundbreaking baldness camouflage options for men.

After SMP

With all our team completely focused on hair loss solutions, we are proud to offer our own highly advanced form of this popular hair loss procedure, and we are recognised as one of the world’s best clinics for a range of Scalp Micropigmentation services:

If you are unsure which option would suit your requirements, please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to advise.