Laser Cap Treatment For men

Laser Cap treatment for hair loss is a non-invasive, without side effects, compatible for both male and female use, 100% FDA approved, compatible with any other Vinci hair loss treatment and is affordable and easy to use.

There are many reasons why people are so excited about the LC Elite Laser cap and the benefits to hair regrowth it can provide. The LC Elite laser cap is the newest and most portable device on the market bringing you the best of in-clinic lasers to your doorstep, allowing you a cost effective way of treating your hair loss in a completely safe way in the comfort of your own home.

Key Facts:

  1. Completely non-invasive, the Laser Cap Elite benefits hair growth in a completely safe and user controlled manner.
  2. Promotes existing hairs to grow, and encourages new hair growth.
  3. Easily concealable inside a hat or cap, 100% portable.
  4. Works well in conjunction with oral hair restoration treatments and enhances their effects.

LLLT or low laser light therapy has been proven as a fantastic tool in treatment of pain management, osteoarthritis, joint disorders general wound healing.  Its roots in medicine go back all the way to 1967, when this treatment was shown to have an effect on re-growing hair in a cancer related experiment. While in the beginning these laser where extremely expensive, bulky and difficult to use for hair loss treatments experts have now taken that knowledge and created the LC Elite Laser cap.

Laser Cap TreatmentHow Does The Treatment Work?

The treatment works best to strengthen and help weak or thin hairs grow stronger.  By stimulating the hair follicles, reducing inflammation and lengthening the growth stage of the hair follicles (Anagen stage) which are known to reduce in growth time as we age. In many ways you can think of this treatment as not only hair loss treatment, but also an anti-aging treatment for your hair.

Those who use traditional medication like Finasteride (Propecia) and Minoxidil (Rogaine) can also benefit as well from the laser hair treatment as its mechanism compliments these types of treatments, enhancing the results already achieved. Hair transplant patients can also use this type of treatment as a way of maintaining their original hair and preserve their investment in a healthier looking head of hair.

Laser Cap Treatment For womenStudies show that the LLLT treatment for hair loss is equally beneficial for men and women and many cancer patients that have lost hair due to radiation or chemotherapy have now started to use the Laser cap to help recover their hair growth.

Where is the Laser Cap Available?

The LC elite is only available through Vinci Hair Clinic. Our team of specialists and doctors can advise you on if you are suitable for this kind of treatment.  For more information please feel free to contact the clinic closest to you, or you can fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you with all further information. Our experienced team can help you evaluate if this is the right treatment for you.

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