A FUT Hair Transplant is done under local anaesthetic. A strip of hair is removed from the donor area, which is located at the back of the head where the hair follicles are permanent and not affected by thinning and balding.

Once the follicles have been removed, they are dissected into follicular units (also known as grafts) under a microscope, and prepared to be inserted into the recipient site. The recipient site is prepared by making tiny slits where the follicles are then placed.

Once the follicles are placed in the slits on the recipient site, the hair will grow naturally.

A Vinci FUT Hair Transplant is the fastest method to cover large bald areas in a single 4-6hour session in one of our specialized clinics or hospitals.

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Benefits of the Vinci Hair Clinic FUT

  • Large bald areas can be covered in one session
  • Possible to add density to the whole top of the head
  • Great density with our dense packing sessions
  • Completely undetectable result with our advanced methods
  • Procedure is done under local anesthetic
  • Little to no aftercare needed
  • Wash and style your hair the following day and be back at work in 48 hours