Vinci Max Norwood ScaleIf hair loss has progressed to an advanced stage it may not be possible to achieve your goals in a single procedure; needing future procedures to provide total coverage.

Vinci Max™, provides a solution for those wishing to achieve the maximum density and coverage in a single procedure.

Combining both FUT and FUE techniques it is possible to utilise the benefits of each to give our patients the maximum number of grafts. Along with using state of the art surgical applications Vinci Max™ can be a great option for the right candidate.

Performed by our senior and experienced hair restoration medical team Vinci Max™ is normally performed over two or three consecutive days.

Luis Before

Luis After

Benefits of the Vinci MAX Hair Transplant™

  • Maximum coverage and density achieved
  • A single procedure eliminates your hair loss concerns
  • Gain natural results that mimic your native hair growth
  • Performed to the highest standards for your well-being
  • Vinci Hair Clinic stands by all our patients and results

Contact us for further information and pricing for the Vinci Max™ procedure.