At Vinci Hair Clinic we understand that everyone is an individual and pride ourselves on providing a range of hair restoration services, using the latest technologies to cater for the needs of each and every one of our patients; with a personalised service that we all deserve.

Vinci Hair Clinic

Our highly trained hair restoration professionals are dedicated to excellence of service providing cutting edge cosmetic procedure, helping to guide you with a professional but warm, friendly manner to make you feel comfortable and cared for; regardless of the many countries we have a medical centre.

Offering such a variety of services means we are not limited to the advice we can give, we have no prejudice to one option over another and can freely offer you the best treatment for you; giving you the sense of well-being and understanding you are in good hands.

Hair transplant surgery

Our surgical hair restoration teams around the world are experienced in all the latest hair transplant techniques. From the Doctors to the medical team are dedicated to your well-being and fully registered and licenced in their respective countries. We have a wealth of experience in cosmetic surgical hair restoration and believe there must be a blend of artistic skills and medical excellence to achieve the best results possible.

To ensure our quality we understand the importance of constant monitoring of our techniques; always looking to improve with on-going research and training keeps Vinci Hair Clinic at the forefront of hair transplantation. Your well-being and long term satisfaction is important to us; we understand that everyone has different goals, our experienced staff is dedicated to listen and advise according to you, to ensure there is a mutual understanding what can be achieved from your hair transplant procedure.

Vinci Hair Clinic understands how a hair transplant procedure can be a life changing decision and the importance of making the right choice is vital to your long term happiness. Our core belief is to deliver an honest, open approach, with a genuine empathy for your concerns and needs. Surgical hair restoration may not be suitable for everyone, and if the case we feel it is always best to be open and discuss any alternative options available.


Scalp Micropigmentation treatments

As one of the pioneers of the micro pigmentation hair simulation Vinci Hair Clinic have always been at the forefront of research and innovating the technique. We understand the technique requires a delicate touch, a great understanding of facial bone structure and artistic design.

We were the first medical Clinic world-wide to introduce this procedure to our range of hair restoration programmes and since then have constantly developed our technique to provide artistically natural and long lasting results for our clients.

We put as much importance on this non-surgical treatment as we do with our surgical hair restoration treatments; believing in quality and continued excellence only comes with constant development from the original concept and improving all aspect, from the implements and tones used to application of the treatment to achieve the best results possible.

Whereas traditional tattoo methods tended to change colour and spread under the dermal skin layer; Vinci Hair Clinic developed our own dermopigmentation method that we have tested and refined to give long lasting, natural looking results for our clients, with a guarantee to assure you of our confidence in the service we offer.

Vinci Hair SMP is not simply the adding of a colour tone to the skin; it requires creativity, artistic skill combined with our specially created range of pigments to deliver perfectly natural looking results. Our highly skilled SMP staff have continued on-going training to ensure we always perform results to the highest standard; expert and qualified to perform the technique by way of  applying cosmetic and medical permanent micro pigments to the epidermal level of the skin.

SMP has become more and more popular with Clinics to add to their services, but with Vinci Hair Clinic you have the knowledge that you are being treated by professionals that have extensive knowledge and skill in offering this service over many years, having performed tens or thousands of SMP sessions in our dedicated Clinics around the world. We encourage the development of the technique to ensure only the best results are achieved.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a highly technical procedure and should only be performed by technically proficient, well trained professionals specialising in the art of SMP, rather than other wholly cosmetic or non-medical clinics.

We take an innate pride in the quality of SMP we offer, qualified technicians with a high level of artistic skill in replicating the look of a shaved head of hair has put Vinci Hair Clinic as a world leader in developing SMP to the highest standards. The testimony to our skills comes from the many clients that have willingly shared their experience with others, not only for the artistic skill of their result but the total experience they received from us. SMP can, like any well performed hair restoration procedure having a positive impact of the life of the individual, helping to restore a feel good factor and renewed self-confidence.

SMP, like any cosmetic enhancing procedure is not necessarily suitable for every candidate, and we put great emphasis on the consultation process prior to excepting to perform the treatment. Our team of professionals are highly trained to take you through the process, how the treatment is performed, the results that can be achieved and whether your goals can be met. This is an important process in ensuring we can perform SMP to the level that gives the result you deserve.