Scalp Micropigmentation was developed by Vinci Hair Clinic to offer hair loss sufferers an alternative to hair transplants. If you are considering getting hair restoration treatment, read on to discover 10 benefits of choosing scalp micropigmentation.

  1. No false claims

Scalp micropigmentation different from other products on the market because it is not for hair growth, nor does it claim to be. Instead it creates the illusion of normal, short shaved hair growth on the scalp.

  1. Affordable

Scalp micropigmentation costs a fraction of the price of hair transplants.  As a permanent solution to hair loss it is more affordable than medication that needs to be taken constantly,   it requires no expensive post-procedural medications or care products, and maintenance is minimal.

  1. Safe

Scalp micropigmentation does not use any chemicals, meaning that there are no side effects to worry about. The treatment is non-invasive and no incisions are made, so there is little risk of infection. Scalp micropigmentation  is not a painful procedure and topically applied local anesthetic is all that is needed to prevent discomfort.

  1. Fast procedure

Scalp micropigmentation is a simple procedure – a hair tattoo – and can be finished in a couple of sessions. It takes just a few hours to achieve a perfect shaved-head look.  Even after the first session, the results are good.

  1. Fast healing

Scalp micropigmentation is a non-invasive procedure, meaning it heals in only a few days. It does not require dressings or stitches, and in the weeks following the procedure, a simple after care plan will ensure the treated site heals properly.

  1. Little maintenance

There is no need for expensive hair products or styling with scalp micropigmentation, because there is no real hair. Simply wash the pigmented area, and if desired, use a bit of hair wax to add shine.

  1. Look younger

There is a common perception that balding men are old, lowering a man’s confidence, especially if he is still young. Scalp micropigmentation gives men back their hair and creates the  shaved-head look worn by even the biggest movie stars, so men can finally look as young as they feel.

  1. Looks realistic

Scalp micropigmentation gives men back their hair, even if it is not real hair. The pigments are matched to individual client’s existing hair color and skin tone, and are applied in the direction of the natural hair growth to achieve the most realistic look possible.

  1. Long lasting

The results of the scalp micropigmentation procedure will last for years, boosting one’s confidence for a long time. The pigmentation fades subtly and gradually over many years and can be topped up or adjusted in later sessions, if required.

  1. Hides imperfections

Scalp micropigmentation helps to mask a receding hairline, making hair appear fuller. It can also be used to camouflage scars from past surgeries, injuries or from an old hair transplant.

For professional advice on scalp micropigmentation, contact Vinci Hair Clinic.

10 Benefits of Scalp Micropigmentation as a Hair Loss Treatment