Hair Loss Or Hair Shedding: What’s The Difference?

Finding clumps of your hair on the pillow or in the shower drain can be alarming. The good news is that you don’t need to panic just yet. Most of us, regardless of our gender, regularly experience a certain amount of hair falling out when we sleep or when we shower. The question we need […]

Why Waterless Shampoo Should Be A Part Of Your Hair Care Routine!

Waterless shampoo is another term for dry shampoo. While traditional liquid shampoo can be bought almost anywhere, waterless or dry shampoo isn’t so readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores. That explains why many people are not so familiar with it. As the name suggests, waterless shampoo is a shampoo that doesn’t require water, at […]

How To Care For Low-Porosity Hair And Look Your Best

Low-porosity hair requires special care. The overlapping cuticles of the hair fibre mean that it’s not easy for water or moisture to penetrate deeply to cover all your hair. If you have seen water coming off a duck’s back, you have a clearer picture of what’s happening when you try to wash or condition low-porosity […]

Tackle Stress-Related Hair Thinning And Restore Your Hair Faster

There is mounting evidence of a link between COVID-19 and hair loss, with more than twenty-five per cent of patients recovering from the illness reporting it as a side effect. According to a recent study, some people reported unexpected hair loss within six months of infection. Whether or not there is a direct link with […]

Is A Hair Conditioner Better Than A Hair Mask?

Like many people, you’ve maybe wondered what the difference is between hair conditioners and hair masks. Should we be using both or just one? This blog post will look at what each product is, its benefits and how to get the most from each one. What Is The Difference Between A Conditioner And A Hair […]

Heat Protectant And Your Hair: What You Need To Know

Are you cutting corners in the morning because you are running late and don’t have the time to air-dry your hair? You reach for the hairdryer, put it on maximum heat, forget the heat protectant and off you go. It’s only once, right? What harm can it do? However, taking such a shortcut can spell […]