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How To Get Longer Hair Faster (No, It’s Not Magic!)

Perhaps you’ve tried various products and special shampoos that have promised to give you longer hair in record time, all to no avail. Undeterred, you’re still willing to buy anything, including different supplements, in the hope that you’ll achieve your desired hair length faster. The amazing news is that you can now grow the thicker, […]

Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing Your Shampoo

Every time you hit the hair care aisle and look at the plethora of shampoos on display, you might wonder whether you should try something new or remain loyal to your current brand. Some say you should switch your shampoo occasionally because it will stop being effective as your hair gets used to the formula. […]

Using Clarifying Shampoo For Cleaner Hair And Scalp

Shampoo formulations include ingredients for improving the condition of your hair by eliminating dirt, debris and odour effectively. They also help relieve irritation and itch, fight oiliness and keep your hair beautiful and bouncy. But have you ever felt like your shampoo isn’t getting the job done? There may be occasions when your hair still […]

Why Your Scalp Needs A Serum Routine Just Like Your Skin

When dealing with hair issues, such as frizziness and dryness, your first step is most likely to look at your shampoo and conditioner, perhaps thinking that you might’ve got the wrong combo for your hair type. If that doesn’t fix things, you might invest in a quality heat protectant, or apply a leave-in conditioner to […]

Is Hair Transplant Surgery A Permanent Remedy For Hair Loss?

When you hear the words ‘hair transplant’, what comes to mind are visible plugs of patchy hair. In the past few years, however, hair transplants have advanced beyond recognition. A hair transplant, often called hair restoration, refers to an outpatient procedure that involves a technology known as micrografting in which hair follicles from one area […]

Is A Hair Transplant Right For Me? Things To Consider Before Getting One

Hair transplant surgery may seem like the holy grail of hair restoration procedures. With the high success rates of transplant procedures from the top-rated clinics, it may appear to be a no-brainer to opt for hair transplant surgery right now. But what are the things you need to think about before committing to surgery? There […]

Understanding Telogen Effluvium Hair Loss And Its Causes

We usually lose 50-100 hair strands each day from our scalps as part of our normal hair cycle. You may be losing even more, depending on your brushing and washing routine. Hair shedding like this is part of the natural process, and you can expect the hair to regrow quite fast. Unfortunately, this is not […]

Male Pattern Baldness: Is There A Cure?

In today’s fast-moving world, many men are having to face up to a concerning issue. I’m referring to the problem of male pattern baldness (MPB). While this may seem like a trivial issue at first glance, it can undoubtedly lead to low self-confidence for some and bring genuine distress to others. The leading causes of […]

5 Hair Hacks To Help You Look Your Best Whatever Your Hair Type

Having a great hair day every day is the dream of most women. Imagine stepping out of your house with salon-gorgeous hair that remains sleek and manageable throughout the day! Unfortunately, that’s not always the reality for everyone. You can blame it on your hair type, the products you use, or your hair care routine. […]

Stiff Hair Causing You Stress? Here’s How To Get It Under Control

It’s not surprising that most women treat their hair to a great deal of tender loving care. After all, silky, glowing and manageable hair signifies beauty, health and youth, does it not? However, it’s not always easy to achieve the smooth and soft strands desired by so many. In truth, dry and stiff hair is […]