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Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Wonder Water’ Trend

No matter your hair type, it often comes with a list of frustrating problems that require immediate attention. For example, it may be too dry, prone to breakage, easily damaged, or excessively oily. There are also issues with thinning, hair loss, split ends, frizz, knots and tangles. Thankfully, the beauty world never runs out of […]

Losing Hair In Your Dreams: Should You Be Worried?

Hair means different things to various people. For some, it symbolises strength, virility, or physical attraction. For others, it may have a vital religious and cultural significance. Regardless of its meaning to you, dreaming about your hair falling out is often not a good sign. If you place great value on your hair, dreaming of […]

Here’s How To Choose The Right Hairstyle For Your Zodiac Sign!

Some people look to lunar patterns and the stars for guidance on career, love and health. Did you know, however, that you can rely on your zodiac sign to pick a new hairstyle? That’s right! Your star sign can inspire the style or haircut that will reveal your personality. You never know; it might lead […]

The Top 10 Causes Of Hair Breakage You Should Know About

When you want to look your best, you try to keep your locks soft, smooth and shiny all day. Who wants dry and damaged hair, after all? But to achieve healthy and bouncy hair, you need to have a solid haircare routine that involves applying the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type. Otherwise, […]

Big Hair Problems? Here are 7 Ways To Manage Thick Hair

Having thick, luscious hair is the goal of many people since it is often associated with good health and strong willpower. However, it’s also the case that those born with a head full of thick locks know the struggle of managing their mane. Sure, it’s nice not having to worry about shedding because you have […]

Top Natural Ways To Grow Your Hair According To Trichologists

What can be frustrating about hair is that it seems to grow fast in all the wrong places while growing far too slowly on your head. Sadly, getting that Rapunzel-like mane is no easy feat. Don’t despair, however. Your hair is growing even if you can’t see it. According to top trichologists, hair grows around […]

How To Repair And Restore Your Hair After Heat Damage

Styling hair with hot tools goes way back; there’s just something about it that gives hair that sleek finish. While many women know about the risks of heat styling, the habit is so easy to get into, as is the habit of forgetting to apply heat protectant when you do. That happens a lot, even […]

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Dusting

Every hair care routine should include regular trims to maintain length and prevent split ends. Skipping a couple of appointments may seem like a good idea to preserve your hair’s length, but split ends could end up costing you more. We all know it can feel like a lifetime growing out your hair and a […]

Everything You Need To Know About A Hair Perm

Having straight hair comes with tons of benefits, from zero maintenance to easy and stress-free styling. Plus, you can get experimental, as it’s so convenient to mould into any hairstyle that complements your facial features. All that said, have you ever stopped to wonder what it would be like to have some gorgeous waves and […]

The Silk Press – An Essential Style If You Have Natural Hair

There’s no denying that sleek, glossy hair is a look that many would spend big money to achieve. When it comes to assessing hair straightening methods, however, the available options seem limited. Either you’ll have to expose your mane to intense heat or use strong chemicals that can leave your strands feeling dry, frizzy and […]