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Can You Apply Conditioner Before Shampoo?

New beauty regimens and techniques are continuously appearing on social media and in the beauty industry. Some essential skincare and beauty habits, however, have been around forever. For example, using shampoo before your conditioner is regarded by many as the correct way to wash hair. Have you ever thought about applying conditioner before shampoo? Are […]

Everything You Need To Know About Colour Melting Hair Treatment

When it comes to synthetic hair colours, colour melting is still fashionable, particularly among brunettes who want to go blonde. But, aside from the fact that it’s essentially an enhanced version of the old ombré, what do you know about it? If you’re curious about this hairstyle colouring procedure, we have everything you need to […]

Co-washing: What Is It And What Are The Mistakes To Avoid?

You’ve been washing and soaking your hair your whole life so you must be an expert, right? You apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair, bubble it up and wash it off. You finish it with a firm pat dry and get back to living your life. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Hair experts are well […]

Five Top Tips To Care For Holographic Hair

The rise of social media has seen the emergence of different bold hairstyles and extreme hair colour trends. Unicorn hair became a favourite, mixing an array of pastel colours to create a fun, versatile appearance. Next came the mermaid’s hair trend, with its magical and captivating look. Just when you thought you’d seen it all […]

Seven Reasons To Add Marula Oil To Your Haircare Routine

Oiling your hair is often the best way to nurture your strands, and nothing nourishes and moisturises your tresses like an oil champ. Amongst the many essential oils on the market, Marula oil stands out for its proven effectiveness. Marula oil is light in texture and high in moisture, and it’s rich in amino acids, […]

Here’s The Truth About Using Coconut Water For Hair

Coconut oil is famous for its ability to nourish and strengthen hair. It’s also known for its potential to soften hair and act as a moisture-locking agent. While the benefits of coconut oil are undeniable, it can drag down more delicate hair. Interesting fact: most of the minerals found in coconut oil are also present […]

Is Flaxseed The Key To Better Hair Growth?

Boosts Hair Elasticity Flaxseed is high in short-chain omega-3 fatty acids, notably alpha-linolenic acid, an essential component to keep hair follicles healthy. Flaxseed also improves the suppleness of the hair fibre, making it more robust and less prone to breakage. Whether consumed or applied topically, flaxseed can drastically alter the texture of your hair for […]

What’s A Hair Spa, And How Often Should You Get One?

Perhaps your days have been so hectic recently that you haven’t had time to care for your hair. It’s currently looking as stressed as you feel, all lifeless and limp. You’ll probably try more expensive hair products, hoping they’ll improve your hair’s condition, and they won’t work.   Instead of buying ridiculously pricey hair products, […]

What Is Texlaxing And How Does It Work?

While natural hair is still very popular these days, quite a few women seem to have decided to go back to relaxing their tresses. Perhaps that’s not surprising. It takes a lot of work to maintain natural hair, you see, and it provides limited options when it comes to styling. Since women often want versatility […]

Why Protein Treatment Works For Your Hair

Keratin is the protein that makes up over ninety per cent of your hair. If your hair lacks protein, therefore, it’s going to be in poor condition, regardless of what conditioner and shampoo you’re using. Your hair needs protein to remain healthy, strong and elastic. However, long-term exposure to natural elements like the wind, heat, […]