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Should You Switch To Natural And Organic Haircare Systems?

It’s not a difficult decision to stop using chemicals and shift to natural beauty products. By making the switch, you’ll be contributing positively to the environment while also benefiting your health. It doesn’t have to be a one-and-done transition; you can continue making minor adjustments to your new regime until you are comfortable with it. […]

How To Help Your Hair Recover From The Effects Of Over-processing

Fashion trends are constantly changing, and the same is true for both hairstyles and hair treatments. Everywhere you go, it’s a common sight to see people sporting bleached or heavily dyed hair. Unfortunately, if you’re a part of this trend, you are no stranger to damaged locks. So, what causes over-processed hair? A significant contributor […]

What Is Abyssinian Oil And How Can It Benefit Your Strands?

Did you know that Abyssinian oil derives from the Abyssinian plant’s flowers? Though not yet widely known, Abyssinian oil is considered one of the newest and most promising oils on the market. Its distinct qualities make it an excellent addition to your natural haircare regimen. Abyssinian oil has great moisturising properties. It is an excellent […]

Why Willow Bark Extract Should Be Part Of Your Haircare Routine

Many of today’s shampoos and conditioners contain harsh chemicals which can lead to various hair problems and degrade your hair quality. That’s why it’s not surprising that, increasingly, consumers are being drawn to natural ingredients when shopping for personal care products; the ‘clean’ or ‘natural’ beauty trend is on the rise, so buyers are actively […]

What Is Xanthan Gum And What Are Its Hair Benefits And Uses?

You’ll likely encounter xanthan gum if you pay attention to your beauty and haircare product labels. It can be found in various product lines, appearing in personal care products like shampoos, conditioners, creams and other styling agents. However, despite this strong presence in the beauty world, xanthan gum doesn’t get much attention compared to other […]

Benefits And Uses Of Wild Rose Oil For Your Hair

People often associate roses with love and beauty. With its pleasant aroma and unmatched beauty, it’s not hard to see why the rose has remained a symbol of romantic adoration, elegance, sensuality and true love for centuries. Wild roses are not just sweet-smelling blooms that come in various colours. They’re also a source of rose […]

Is Mild Shampoo The Secret To Healthier Hair?

Washing your hair with shampoo is an essential part of a healthy haircare regimen. It’s the secret to keeping your scalp clean and dandruff-free while eliminating excess oils, dirt and product build-up from your hair. However, there are times when shampoo may do more harm than good. That’s because some formulas contain harsh chemicals that […]

Should You Use Beeswax For Your Curls?

Nowadays, many brands advertise the fact that their products contain certain ingredients that are good for the hair. One of these is beeswax, a wax naturally made in the hives of honeybees. While this ingredient is often found in hair products, some people prefer to use pure beeswax or mix it with other oils. The […]

How Much Product Should You Use On Your Curls?

If your hair is curly, you already know the challenges that come with managing and styling your mane. Those curly coils are more prone to frizz, breakage and dryness than their straight and wavy counterparts. Caring for them can also be a bit of a handful, so you’ve probably turned to different hair products to […]