According to The Sun[i], Jade Jarvis of East Sussex has launched a petition on calling for Apple to introduce emojis of bald men and women. Jade suffers from the autoimmune disease alopecia areata, which causes a person’s hair to stop growing. Since her early teens, Jade’s hair has fallen out slowly, clump by clump, and she anticipates that by next summer she’ll be completely bald. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we hope that Jade’s efforts are successful and that Apple releases emojis of balding men and women to raise awareness of this difficult condition.

For Jade, the process of hair loss has been emotionally trying at times. Having clumps of hair falling out throughout her teenage years caused Jade to feel very insecure and she tried a few different ways to cope with the condition. To cover up her head, she would constantly wear hoods, hair extensions, or cover up bald patches with large flowers (her friends even started calling her ‘flower power’). None of Jade’s methods ultimately worked to help her cope with her insecurities until she faced the truth and decided to embrace herself the way she was.

As she became more confident, Jade started raising her own voice in support of other alopecia victims by petitioning Apple to release emojis of balding men and women. She explained her online petition to The Sun, “It was really when I uploaded a picture of me to my Instagram and wanted to put an emoji next to it that I had the idea. There’s nothing on there for people that have no hair. There are so many people that suffer from alopecia, or have lost their hair for other reasons, and who use emojis all the time. I think it would help people feel more confident and socially accepted if there was one.”

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we support Jade’s petition. We believe awareness of alopecia, its causes, and its solutions are vital. If you’d like to learn more about recovery from alopecia, contact us today to set up a consultation.



24-year-old Woman Calls for Apple to Install a Bald Emoji