Did you know that it isn’t only stress and genetics that influence female hair loss? Some of the other factors that can cause women to lose their hair include using hot styling tools, wearing tightly fixed hairstyles and following strict diets.

Using heated hairstyling tools

Every time you use hot styling tools such as hair-dryers, curling tongs or straightening irons, you are exposing your mane to high temperatures that cause dryness and make hair brittle. With frequent use, your hair may develop split ends and even start breaking off along the shaft. Though heated tools do not directly cause hair loss, your overall hair quality can have an impact on future hair growth.

  • Cut back on how often you use heated styling tools. When you do want to blow-dry, curl or straighten your hair, apply a heat-protective product to help reduce the drying effects.

Fixing your hair in tight styles

One of the joys of having a healthy head of hair is being able to experiment with different styles. But, what if your beloved up-dos and accessories are damaging your hair? Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts say that a common cause of female hair loss is traction alopecia. The condition’s name means hair loss caused by pulling and can happen when hair is constantly worn in tight buns, braids or ponytails. Hair extensions that are worn for an extended period can also contribute to the condition.

  • Regularly give your hair a break from tightly fixed hair-dos and hair extensions.

Maintaining a limited diet

Various studies into eating habits have suggested between 37% and 57% of women are following some kind of diet plan at any time. All too often, these diets are strict and involve the avoidance of certain foods which limits the availability of nutrients to your body. Experts from Vinci Hair Clinic explain that we need a wide range of vitamins and minerals to grow hair and maintain it. When you aren’t getting enough of these micro-nutrients from the food you eat, deficiencies can develop and even lead to hair loss.

  • As well eating a variety of foods, take a daily dietary supplement. Vinci Hair Clinic’s Vitruvian Line is packed with the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth, as well as powerful plant extracts.


3 Factors That Can Influence Female Hair Loss


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