Statistics show that more hair loss sufferers than ever are choosing hair transplant surgery. We look at 3 reasons why this hair restoration solution is growing in popularity.

Celebrities give hair transplants publicity

Over recent years, celebrities have been undergoing hair transplant surgery in droves. One of the earliest to speak to the public about his choice was footballer Wayne Rooney. In 2011 he told his Twitter followers that he’d had a hair transplant because it was better than going bald at 25. More recently, musicians Robbie Williams, Brian McFadden (Westlife) and Wagner (X-Factor) also revealed that they’d undergone surgery. With popular stars talking about having surgery done the old-fashioned stigmas about hair transplants are breaking down. Having FUE or FUT is no longer something to be secretive about. Instead, it is seen as life-changing cosmetic procedure that people choose to make themselves feel and look their best.

It’s easy to research hair transplants

In the past, it was often hard for people to find out about hair loss. It’s a sensitive subject and many were embarrassed to ask for help. As the internet has become more accessible researching hair transplants has become as simple as tapping a few buttons. Hair loss sufferers can quickly find both information and support. With better education about hair loss, people realise how normal their experience is and it becomes easier for them to seek help. Vinci Hair Clinic make it as simple as possible for those who are researching hair transplants to take the next step. They can be contacted through their website and social media pages. They also have clinic locations worldwide and offer free hair restoration consultations.

Hair transplant surgery results look great

Hair transplants have a long history. Early attempts completely failed or created an unnatural result. Things have changed though. Hair transplant surgery has become an art and the results that can be achieved are amazing. An FUE or FUT hair transplant can transform a person’s appearance and make them look more youthful. You only need to take a look at a few before and after photos of hair transplant patients to see for yourself how effective the surgery is.

3 Reasons Why Hair Transplants are Growing in Popularity