Hair loss affects nearly everyone at some stage in their life but does that mean that going bald is inevitable? According to the experts – no! With the right approach, it’s possible to stop hair loss and, in some cases, regrow lost hair.

Tip 1: Uncover the cause

If you are experiencing excess shedding or have noticed that your hairline is changing, the first thing that you need to do is to find out why. There are several common types of hair loss and they all have different causes. Androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness) occurs due to genetic sensitivity to DHT while telogen effluvium can be triggered by stress or hormone changes. Certain medications, illness, diet and even wearing heavy hair extensions can also be catalysts for other hair loss conditions. Even if you have some idea of what is causing your excess hair fall, it is best to confirm the cause by getting a professional medical diagnosis. Vinci Hair Clinic make it easy to do this by offering free consultations online and at their locations across the globe.

Tip 2: Choose the right treatment

When you know why your hair is falling out, you can start treating the problem. There are many baldness remedies on the market but only a small proportion of them have been proven as effective in treating hair loss. Vinci Hair Clinic offer only the best hair restoration solutions with medical, non-surgical and surgical options to choose from. Another advantage of attending a consultation with their experts is that you’ll get customised advice on which treatment plan would work best for you.

Tip 3: Protect your hair

There is no substitute for specialist hair restoration treatment but there are many steps you can take to protect your hair at home. Though it won’t stop your hair from falling out, you can improve the condition to make the strands appear thicker and healthier. Reducing your use of heated styling tools and chemical products (such as relaxers) is very helpful in preventing dryness and breakage. Remember too, that the sun’s rays can cause damage to your hair. If you are going to be outdoors for a long time, pop on a hat or use a hair product which contains UV filters.

3 Top Tips to Stop You From Going Bald