A reasonable amount of stress can serve as a motivator and help you to reach your goals. On the other hand, too much stress can have a nightmarish impact on your health. Chronic stress has been linked with conditions including depression, heart disease and weight-gain. Sufferers of long-term stress may also see symptoms in their hair growth and loss.

  1. Your hair grows slowly
    Following a healthy diet often goes out of the window during stressful periods. You don’t have time to cook and rely on fast food. Maybe you even treat yourself to extra snacks to try to cheer yourself up. An unbalanced diet can quickly impact on hair condition. It is even more important when you are stressed and your body needs higher levels of some vitamins and minerals than usual. Quite simply, if you don’t give your hair the nutrients it needs to grow, it won’t.
  2. You are pulling your hair out
    Stress can trigger the disorder trichotillomania. It is a psychological condition which causes sufferers to pull out their own hair when under emotional strain. There is often a stigma around such conditions which often makes it hard for sufferers to seek help. If you have concerns about trichotillomania, it is well worth asking for support from your doctor.
  3. Lots of your hair falls out every day
    Being under extreme stress for a long time can spark a hair loss condition called telogen effluvium. It is a scalp disorder that changes the rhythm of your hair’s growth cycles and makes it fall out prematurely. A sign that stress is causing this condition is noticing double your usual amount of hair fall over the period of several weeks.

How to Beat Stress Related Hair Loss
When you are so stressed that it is having an impact on your hair, it is a sign you need to consider some lifestyle changes. The first step is to work on tackling the root cause by finding stress-busting strategies that work for you. Regular exercise, spending time outdoors and talking to loved ones about worries can all help. As for restoring hair lost due to stress, there are a variety of options available. The best starting point is to get a diagnosis of your condition at a Vinci Hair Clinic near you. Their experts will analyse your hair loss and guide you through their range of hair restoration treatments.

3 Ways That Chronic Stress Causes Hair Problems