People spread lots of misinformation about baldness. Consequently, men frequently believe many falsehoods about what they should and should not do to prevent hair loss. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we like to read and share the advice of trained medical experts when it comes to hair loss prevention. Recently, Men’s Fitness writer Maggie Parker interviewed[i] Amy McMichael, M.D., a dermatologist who specializes in hair and scalp diseases. Dr. McMichael shared four myths about hair loss that you should know about.

Myth 1: Shampooing your hair too frequently causes hair loss

Concerning this myth, Dr. McMichael said, “Shampoo frequency and balding are not related, so the number of times you shampoo will not determine if you will lose hair. If shampooing every day allows the hair and the scalp to remain healthy, it’s fine.”

Myth 2: Dry shampoos and baby powders aren’t safe for men

“Dry shampoo and baby powder are safe to use,” according to Dr. McMichael, “these products help to minimize oiliness of the hair and restore pleasant and fresh scent to the hair. They can prolong the time between shampoos but do not clean the hair or scalp as real shampooing would.”

Myth 3: It’s not safe for balding men to blow dry

Dr. McMichael disagrees. “It is safe for balding men to use blow dryers. There is no scientific reason why they cannot use all typical hair products, including blow dryers.”

Myth 4: Wearing hats is bad for the scalp

Dr. McMichael clarified, “It is a myth that hats cause balding in men (or anyone for that matter).”

When it comes to balding, there’s no shortage of rumors. Thanks to Dr. McMichael and Maggie Parker at Men’s Fitness, we know that regular shampooing, dry shampoos, blow drying, and wearing hats are all perfectly healthy for your hair. Just as there are many myths about preventing hair loss, there are also many myths about the best ways to restore your hair. When it comes to hair restoration, our staff at Vinci Hair Clinic are world-class experts.

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4 Myths About Male Baldness