Hair-transplant-banner-for-Instagram-2-2When it comes to getting help with hair loss, some of the world’s top sports stars are leaders of the pack. Here are six champions of field, pitch and track who have opted for hair restoration treatment – and one who might have done!

Shane Warne

Australian cricketer Shane Warne decided to get hair loss treatment because he simply didn’t want to go bald. Warne’s hair restoration program included hair transplants and laser therapy.

Pat Nevin

Rumour has it that TV producers nudged sports commentator and former Everton player Pat Nevin  towards getting hair transplants, saying that his going bald on top might threaten his work. Pat took their advice and opted for FUT surgery to restore his hairline.

Kelvin Batey

British BMX/Motocross racer Kelvin Batey got hair transplant surgery at the same time as his fiancé, Maria Fowler. The 36-year-old father of one had the work done in summer 2017.

No discussion of celebrity hair restoration would be complete without mentioning footballer Wayne Rooney. The Everton player famously opened up to followers of his Twitter account about getting a hair transplant at the age of 25.

Antonio Conte

Chelsea Football Club manager Antonio Conte has reportedly had not one, not two but three hair transplants to cover up his bald patch. The Italian who formerly played for Juventus now bears a healthy looking mane.

Graham Gooch

Former captain of the England cricket team, Graham Gooch had lost an extensive amount of hair before he decided to get hair restoration. He had a hair transplant which made him look much younger.

Lewis Hamilton

There has been much discussion about whether F1 champion Lewis Hamilton has also had hair restoration treatment. His hairline was noticeably thinning at one stage but appears thicker now. Some speculate that he has used a hair loss medication such as minoxidil or had hair transplants, however Hamilton himself has never gone on record to confirm or deny the rumours.

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6 Top Sports Stars Who Have Had Hair Restoration Treatment