A recent article which appeared on the Mosaic website posed a question many bald men ask themselves. Although thousands of cases a year are treated successfully by the hair loss industry, there is a group of men who still struggle with finding a solution to their hair loss problems. What’s the way forward for this “forgotten” class of men whose hair loss problems haunt them every living moment? Is acceptance of their fate the only cure for their condition? Perhaps it is.

When the common solutions fail

Medical or surgical options are available for the treatment of balding in men. Surgical procedures include FUT, FUE, and scalp micropigmentation. When it comes to medical intervention, there are only two treatments available that have been authorized by the FDA in the US and the European Medicines Agency: finasteride and minoxidil. Other than these two, the only products on the market are supplements purporting to restore hair.

Outside of the medical and surgical realms, wearing a wig is another potential solution. Although not a type of treatment in the sense of providing a permanent resolution, many men find that they can successfully hide behind the mask of a wig.

Psychological and confidence impacts of hair loss

Although some men have the psychological resilience to live with their hair loss, many more are not that fortunate. The negative impact on the self-confidence of many men stays hidden. This is simply because, as men, they put on a brave face and try to accept and come to terms with their situation. Some men end up spending fortunes on surgical procedures and other interventions.

The article also indicated that many men feel less attractive due to their baldness and regardless of the positive spin they try to put on their situation, the impact on their social life is lasting.

What’s the way forward?

A new treatment that is available in many leading clinics such as Vinci Hair Clinic is called scalp micropigmentation. The procedure involves the injection of pigmentation into the scalp to create the appearance of close-cut hair. Although the procedure doesn’t regrow hair, it is the best some men can hope to get.

So, yes, acceptance will have a positive impact on a bald man’s psychology and self-confidence. But, procedures, such as scalp micropigmentation, offer a last hope for those who have been failed by other procedures in the past.

Is Acceptance the Only Cure for Baldness?