We all know that eating a varied diet is important but did you know that eating the right foods could also help you in the fight against male pattern baldness. Here are four foods that you should add to your shopping list to help you avoid hair loss.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Studies into the benefits of pumpkin seed oil have shown it to be a natural inhibitor of 5-alpha reductase. The enzyme is involved in the production of DHT, which is one of the main causes of male pattern hair loss. Trials on men with the condition showed positive results, with 44% of participants experiencing improved hair growth. The oil is also rich in fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9, which help your follicles to produce healthy hair growth.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas) is a starchy root vegetable with bright orange flesh. Its vibrant colour signals that that it is an abundant source of beta-carotene, a pigment that is made into Vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is one of the nutrients that is essential for hair growth and with just 100g of sweet potato containing 283% of your recommended daily requirement, its a good reason to tuck in!


Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries are packed with antioxidant vitamins A, C and E. These nutrients work to protect the body from cell-damaging free radicals that can inhibit hair growth. Vitamin C also helps to improve your body’s iron absorption. Since iron deficiency (anaemia) can cause hair loss, eating these colourful fruits can be helpful.

Pistachio Nuts

Not only do pistachios contain fatty acids and hair growth supporting protein, but they are also a source of beta-sistosterol. The plant sterol has been shown in some studies to reduce DHT levels and help prevent hair loss. Ideally, choose pistachios that are raw and unsalted to enjoy the health benefits without increasing your sodium intake.

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Add These 4 Foods to Your Shopping List to Prevent Baldness