Is the man that you love going bald?

Around 40% of men experience hair loss by their mid-30s, with male pattern baldness being the most common cause. While the main concern about hair loss is the way it changes one’s appearance, men suffering from the condition often experience significant emotional effects too.

As hair loss becomes noticeable, many men begin to experience feelings of shame and resentment. Formerly confident and laid-back guys often become introverted, losing their self-esteem and becoming overly-sensitive about the issue. They might try to disguise their hair loss with a hat or wig, or buy products to try to thicken their hair. Some will even start to avoid social occasions, worrying that others will notice their hair loss or comment on it.

These reactions are to be expected. In almost every culture, thick, full hair is associated with virile masculinity. When a man starts losing his hair, he feels like he is losing a deeper part of who he is. The problem is exacerbated because so many men simply don’t feel comfortable confiding in anyone about their worries.

It can be very upsetting to see your boyfriend or husband experience distress over hair loss. What can you do to help him? Perhaps the most important tip is not to tease or joke about your other half’s condition. Friends, work colleagues and even strangers can be insensitive with their remarks, and he’ll appreciate that you take his hair loss as seriously as he does.

You can also support your partner by encouraging him to explore his options for hair restoration treatment. Vinci Hair Clinic offers free, no-obligation consultations, allowing men with hair loss to get a diagnosis and advice. You might like to offer to attend the consultation with your partner. However, you should bear in mind that this process is very personal – so don’t be offended if he prefers to go to the specialist alone.

Educating yourself about hair loss and hair restoration is also a good idea. If your partner chooses hair transplants, for example, make sure that you take time to learn about what can be expected from the surgery and during the healing process.

Advice for Partners of Male Hair Loss Sufferers