There is no denying that scalp micropigmentation has taken the world by storm since it’s development. At Vinci Hair Clinic we are recognised as a world-leader for this type of revolutionary treatment for hair loss, and we are in the process of using our network of clinics to make the solution a real option for as many people around the world as possible.

A small number of hair restoration clinics in Africa have attempted to replicate the results achieved by other Vinci Hair Clinic locations in the UK, Europe, South America and the Middle East, often with catastrophic results. Unfortunately no established clinic has chosen Africa as a base, until now.

One of our hair restoration technicians in Nigeria

We are proud to announce that following the launch of our clinic in Lagos, Nigeria earlier this year, our service is well and truly up and running and our waiting list is growing longer by the day. Our clients consist of both men and women, all of whom share a common aim – to do something about their hair loss.

What services do we offer?

Our Lagos clinic in Nigeria offers two primary services – hair transplantation and scalp micropigmentation – and a range of complimentary and alternative services.

Hair Clinic In Nigeria

As one of the largest hair restoration clinics in the world, our results are well documented. For both FUT and FUE hair transplant procedures, there is no better clinic anywhere in Africa to service your requirements. Furthermore our scalp micropigmentation service, used either as a complement to a hair transplant or as a standalone treatment, is internationally recognised.

Why choose Vinci Hair Clinic?

If you want the very best result possible, it can only be Vinci. A number of other clinics promise much but deliver very poor results, leaving the client in a worse condition than when they started. Both hair transplantation and scalp micropigmentation are highly specialised procedures that take many years to master and perfect, and there is no place for under-qualified or poorly skilled technicians.

Get it right first time and choose the professional clinic with the best verifiable results.

Where is our clinic in Lagos?

Our clinic can be found at the following address:

Vinci Hair Clinic
109 Awolowo Road
Ikoyi, Lagos
+234 1 212 2453
+234 1 632 2238
+234 1 291 0218

Clients wishing to enquire about treatment in Lagos should call us on the numbers above, or complete our easy online form.

Hair Clinic In Nigeria

Africa’s first professional scalp micropigmentation clinic is now open