In a recent episode of the popular fashion-themed reality show VH1’s America’s Next Top Model, it was revealed that one of the participants has alopecia. Jeana Turner, a 24-year-old from Minneapolis, bravely allowed the show’s stylist to remove her wig and showed the world the sparse growth on her scalp.

Jeana developed alopecia areata (an immune system disorder) when she was 10-years old and has always tried to hide it. Having been told many times that she is ugly, she was nervous about the idea of taking her wig off in front of people. However, with the support of the other aspiring models, she decided to go ahead and courageously accept the challenge of going bare. It was an emotional moment for Jeana and she cried as she had her minimal hair growth shaved off for her make-over. After the initial shock though, Jeana has embraced the idea of not wearing a wig and has been confidently working the bald look in her photo-shoots for Season 24 of America’s Next Top Model.

AlopeciawomenbeforeAlopeciawomenaftervinciSeeing a model with alopecia talking openly about her condition is heartening for the many other women out there who are experiencing hair loss. But, while some will doubtless be inspired by Jeana’s bald and beautiful scalp, it is not a style will appeal to everyone. Some women would simply prefer to have the flexibility that hair gives them and the opportunity to play with styles and colours. Wigs are a popular choice but can be very inconvenient for the wearer. Fortunately, a wig is not the only solution to female hair loss.

4 common reasons for female hair loss

Vinci Hair Clinic are experts in treating a wide range of hair loss concerns. They always stress the importance of seeking specialist medical advice when it comes to hair loss. Alopecia areata is not the only reason that hair can fall out unexpectedly and it is essential to identify the cause to get the correct treatment. Vinci Hair Clinic offer a variety of hair restoration solutions suitable for women with hair loss. Their range of treatments includes medical, surgical and non-surgical options, tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals for hair restoration.



America’s Top Model Participant Jeana Has Alopecia