Pattern baldness has been afflicting people throughout history, and prior to modern medicine, there wasn’t much to do about it. Of course, that didn’t stop people from trying. Throughout time, there have been countless quacks peddling false cures for balding heads. And the truth is, there still are! At Vinci Hair Clinic, we pride ourselves on only employing educated, skilled medical professionals who use evidence-based methods to help clients on their hair regrowth journey. To understand how much hair regrowth practices have changed over time we at Vinci Hair Clinic have been reading Kerry Segrave’s Baldness: A Social History, and we’re excited to tell you all about the strange things people did to try to cure their baldness in the past.


The very first recorded attempt to cure baldness was in Ancient Egypt and was found in a document called the “Ebers Papyrus.” It was written around 1500 BCE, or about 3,500 years ago. To cure baldness, the Egyptians recommended applying an ointment on people’s heads made from the fat of various animals mixed together: a lion, hippopotamus, crocodile, cat, and snake. If that didn’t work (as baldness experts, we’re pretty sure it didn’t), the papyrus recommended immersing the burned spikes of a hedgehog in oil, mixing it with fingernails, honey, alabaster, red ocher, and saying magical incantations before rubbing it on the balding area. While it might sound silly to us today, it’s evidence that people’s hair has mattered to them throughout time, and humans have been experimenting with ways to reverse baldness for thousands of years.


These thousands of years of attempts have finally paid off with modern medicine. Skilled medical professionals at Vinci Hair Clinic can now reverse your baldness with specialized hair transplant surgeries, or give you the indistinguishable appearance of shorn hair through scalp micropigmentation procedures. Unfortunately, lots of people are still selling creams and pills that are, quite frankly, as wacky as the recipes from Ancient Egypt. When it comes to your hair, only trust trained, educated professionals like ours at Vinci Hair Clinic. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get back to having a full head of hair and a lot of confidence.


An Ancient Egyptian Recipe for Curing Baldness