Why do men often lose their hair as they get older? While hair loss can be caused by many different factors, the most common reason is androgenic alopecia.

Androgenic alopecia is also called male pattern baldness. It is a hereditary condition that is experienced by around 50% of men before they hit their 50s. In most cases, the first signs of male pattern balding begin to develop between the ages of 25 and 35.

Male pattern balding starts with a receding hairline and thinning at the crown of the head. If left untreated, the hair loss continues until the front and top of the head are completely bald. At its most advanced stage, only a horse-shoe shaped band of hair is left at the sides.

In the past, the only option for balding men was to accept the inevitable or perhaps wear a wig or hat to disguise their bare scalp. Today, there are many ways to tackle hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia. Vinci Hair Clinic specialises in the treatment of the condition. They offer surgical, non-surgical and medical solutions for men with hair loss.

Hair restoration solutions suitable for male pattern baldness sufferers may include the FDA approved medicines minoxidil and finasteride, hair transplants or micro scalp pigmentation.

The type of treatment that Vinci Hair Clinic recommends for male pattern balding depends on the individual’s stage of hair loss. In general, the earlier that treatment for androgenic alopecia begins, the better as the client will have more options. Starting medical treatment as soon as possible can halt excessive shedding and stimulate new hair growth. At the initial stages, those who want to have the permanent solution of hair transplants will benefit from the greater availability of donor hair for grafts.

There is hope too, for sufferers of advanced stage male pattern baldness. Vinci Hair Clinic’s exclusive Vinci Max hair transplant technique offers maximum coverage and thickness.

Another excellent option is micro scalp pigmentation, which creates the appearance of short, shaved hair.










If you are worried about androgenic alopecia, contact Vinci Hair Clinic for advice. They can diagnose your condition and help you to decide on the best treatment for your hair restoration goals.












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