You spot the hair in the drain a little too often. Immediately, you think the worst—I’m going bald! Before you run out in the streets screaming, take a deep breath and sit down with this chapter. There are many reasons for balding in both men and women, and many causes are treatable and/or not permanent.

Androgynous causes of hair loss are those that affect men and women equally. These are known as “non-gender specific” and make up about 10% of hair loss cases. They are not hereditary and are usually not permanent.

The androgynous causes discussed in this chapter include nutrition, drugs, diseases, medical treatments, hair treatments, scalp infections, telogen effluvium, cicatrical alopecia (scarring type), alopecia aerata, and a hair pulling disorder, trichotillomania. each of these conditions will be presented along with their aetiology (their cause or “origin”), symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

So, before jumping to conclusions, take the time to educate yourself, then seek the advice of a certified professional. Denial does not change the reality, so it’s always best to be realistic and confront the problem in an educated manner. There will probably be more options out there than you ever believed where possible, and the sooner the condition is addressed, the better are the chances of reversing, stopping, or slowing down the balding process and maintaining a good looking head of hair.

Androgynous causes of hair loss