When Antonia Hoyle realized she was losing her hair, she curled into a ball and cried in terror. The possibility of losing her hair caused a deep shame that upset her profoundly. In her recent essay published in the Telegraph[i], Antonia described her hair loss as “devastating” because of the taboos surrounding female hair loss. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we believe that no one should have to feel ashamed of their appearance. Antonia shared her story as part of this effort to fight the stigma of female hair loss; we’re sharing it here to do our part in that fight.

After realizing that her hair was thinning, Antonia felt self-conscious and awkward. She even stopped wearing make-up because she believed there was no point in taking pride in her appearance. After struggling for a time, she decided to seek help from a medical professional who told her, “I frequently see women in tears––hair loss affects a woman’s confidence, quality of life, and personality.” After testing Antonia’s blood, her doctor ruled out iron deficiency as the cause of her hair loss. He explained that her hair loss could be caused by androgenetic alopecia, a form of hereditary hair loss, and that her body had become overly sensitive to male hormones called androgens, which blocked hair growth.

Though both of her parents eventually lost their hair, Antonia thought she was too young to be experiencing androgenetic alopecia, which usually manifests later in life. Her doctor told her that increased numbers of young women are losing their hair to stress. In fact, stress and anxiety are responsible for 90 percent of hair loss because it prompts adrenal glands to secrete the same androgens that cause androgenetic alopecia. Antonia is trying to address her hair loss by relaxing more in the evenings and taking a 25mcg vitamin D supplement. She’s still waiting to see if it makes a difference.

While some forms of hair loss can be addressed by relaxing and improving nutrition, many are permanent and irreversible without expert help. At Vinci Hair Clinic, our experts are excited to help you begin your hair regrowth journey. Contact us today to learn more.

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Antonia Hoyle’s Hair Loss Journey