Antonio Conte, who was named Best Coach of the Year in 2013 and is the current manager of Chelsea Football Club. When he arrived, fans noticed his new tendency to wear hats. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we pay close attention to the choices people make with their hair––and for the famous football manager Antonio Conte, the choice was clear. The stylish Italian always prided himself on his shaggy hair, and when it started receding, he decided to maintain the look he’d used to forge his career.


Antonio Conte earned twenty caps for Italy between 1994 and 2000 while playing for Italy’s Juventus Football Club. Conte always prided himself on his appearance during games; his luscious locks flowed in the wind as he ran back and forth across the field. When he made a goal, viewers could easily identify his shaggy, full head of hair. In other words, Conte’s hair was a part of his professional identity––just like your hair is a part of yours. Whether we like it or not, our image determines how people recognize and think about us. When he started to lose his hair in the last years of his career as a player, Conte began considering hair restoration treatments.

After hanging up his boots, Conte immediately pursued his options. Like anyone who has done their research, Conte realized that the only sure solution for pattern baldness is hair transplant surgery. After undergoing his treatments, Conte emerged with his old head of hair––his old identity––back in full force and went on to coach for Arezzo in 2005, Bari in 2007, Atalanta in 2009, and then returned to Juventus as its manager in 2011. After his contract with Juventus ended after Euro 2016, Conte became the head coach of English Premier League’s Chelsea FC for the 2016-17 season. Conte’s career success and his hair are both tied up in one thing: a professional identity that has made him one of Europe’s most successful football coaches.

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Antonio Conte’s Hair Transplant Surgery