Are you a fan of using false lashes or temporary eyelash extensions to enhance your eyes? Although stick-on lash strips or glued-in extensions may look attractive, using them could put you at risk of losing your natural lashes.

Temporary Eyelash Extensions Can Cause Damage

Short-term use of false eyelashes is a fun way to change up your look. However, Vinci Hair Clinic’s specialists say that they are seeing an increasing number of women whose natural lashes have been damaged by using falsies. Wearing false lashes/lash extensions, and the removal process, can put strain on your natural lashes and even pull them out. This is actually a form of the hair loss condition traction alopecia (hair loss by pulling.)


The Effects of Losing Your Real Eyelashes

Losing any hair can be distressing, but eyelash shedding can cause particular upsetting for the women who experience it. We make eye-contact with others dozens of times each day and this means that a lack of eyelashes tends to be noticed. Sufferers often feel embarrassed about their appearance and less confident that they once were. It is also worth remembering that the primary function of our eyelashes is to prevent dirt from getting into our eyes and help to maintain moisture levels. This means that women who lack lashes may suffer from dry, uncomfortable eyes.

Could an Eyelash Transplant Help?

For those who have lost their natural eyelashes due to excess use of falsies, is there any hope? According to the hair loss experts at Vinci Hair Clinic – yes. Many women are now opting for eyebrow transplants. Hair grafts are taken from the individual’s own head, prepared and carefully placed into the lash line. After the initial healing period, the transplanted hairs will continue to grow as normal, creating a thicker lash line and improved length. Of course, you don’t have to lose all your eyelashes to benefit from an eyelash transplant. Women who are unhappy with the length and density of their natural lashes can also benefit from this type of hair restoration surgery.

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Are False Lashes Making Your Natural Eyelashes Fall Out?