Why do People with Hair Loss Undergo Hair Transplant?

The hair restoration industry is growing rapidly as more men and women seek help with their hair loss issues. As demand for services like hair transplants and scalp micro pigmentation increases, so does the number of businesses offering such services. Some even offer bargain price low-cost hair restoration treatments – but are these budget clinics a good choice?

Taking Advantage of a Sensitive Problem

Many hair loss sufferers worry about whether they can afford treatment. Low-cost clinics take advantage of this, and the fact that it can take a lot of courage to seek help, by luring people in with discount hair restoration solutions. The old saying that “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is” is applicable here. Low-cost hair loss clinics are often run by unscrupulous individuals who are not licensed and do not have the experience or qualifications to treat patients. They are able to offer cheap hair restoration solutions because they cut corners and do not take their client’s safety seriously.

The Risks of Cheap Hair Loss Treatments

Trusting a low-cost hair loss clinic with your scalp is a risky business. There is no way of knowing whether an unlicensed clinic meets hygiene and safety standards, and you may be at risk of infection. Not only that, but your hair restoration treatment might make you look worse than you did before.

The consultants at Vinci Hair Clinic are alarmed by the number of clients they see who have had poor quality hair restoration treatments done by budget clinics. Men and women come to Vinci with hair growing at odd angles due to bad graft placement or terrible scars from hair transplants. Cheap clinics also tend to use lower graft counts than necessary, in order to reduce costs, resulting in patchy coverage. Badly done scalp pigmentation work will often take the form of an overly symmetrical hairline, large dots or a colour that is too dark for the client’s skin-tone.

Invest in Yourself with Quality Hair Restoration Solutions

Cheap hair restoration clinics may offer tempting deals but the wise will choose to avoid them. Consider hair loss treatments as an investment in yourself and opt for a licensed and qualified clinic.

Vinci Hair Clinic are fully-registered and staffed by highly-trained hair loss specialists. Put your head in the hands of the professionals and you can get the hair restoration results that you deserve.


Are Low-Cost Hair Loss Clinics a Good Choice?