Are you guilty of these four bad habits that can cause thinning hair?

Pulling out grey hairs

People who have just a couple of grey hairs often decide that the easiest way to deal with them is to pull them out. When you remove a hair at the root, you run the risk of damaging the hair follicle. With repeated hair removal, the hair may grow back thinner and weaker, and the follicle may stop producing hair altogether. If you are bothered by grey hairs, the best solution is to use hair dye to blend them in with your natural colour.

Shampooing too often or not often enough

Regularly shampooing your hair is essential to keep your hair healthy. It removes excess oils, pollutants and hair product residues which can otherwise build-up, leading to scalp inflammation and hair growth problems. However, over-washing your hair or using harsh products can have the same effects. The right washing frequency varies between individuals but for most people, every other day will be enough.

Not eating for hair health

Regularly eating convenience foods with a low nutritional value can play havoc with your hair growth. Our bodies use the foods we eat to power all of our body systems, taking care of the essentials first. When your body is starved of nutrients, hair growth can slow down or even stop. Following a diet which includes a wide variety of fresh ingredients will support your entire body as well as your hair. Adding a hair growth supplement is also helpful.

Hoping hair loss will go away by itself

On noticing a receding hairline, patches of hair loss or general thinning, too many men and women ignore the problem and hope that it will go away by itself. Though hair follicles can start producing hair again after some types of hair loss, other conditions are progressive. This means that they will just get worse if left untreated. Additionally, some conditions will respond better if treated early. The takeaway? If you spot changes in your hair, get professional advice as soon as possible.

If you are concerned that bad habits have caused your hair loss, don’t worry. Vinci Hair Clinic offer a range of treatments to help men and women with thinning hair. Their highly-trained staff can advise you on the most suitable treatment for your particular condition, with medical, surgical and non-surgical options available.

Are These Bad Habits Making Your Hair Thin?