An Arthritis Medication May Reverse Hair Loss Caused by Alopecia Areata

A new treatment has been tested for sufferers of alopecia areata (AA), a common autoimmune skin disease with few reliably effective therapies. Last month, a group of researchers published a study in the Journal of Critical Investigation announcing that tofacitinib citrate, a common medication for rheumatoid arthritis, shows promising results for stimulating hair regrowth among AA patients.

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The team of fourteen researchers, based out of Stanford and Yale Universities, gave the medication to 66 subjects, all of whom have been diagnosed with AA. The subjects were diverse, including 31 men and 35 women, ranging in age from 19 to 65. Most of them had been suffering from AA for about five years without finding an effective hair regrowth strategy. The researchers requested the subjects take tofacitinib citrate for about three months and measured their hair growth before and after.

The study’s results were promising. About a third of the patients had regrown an average of 50 percent or more of the hair they had previously lost to AA. Unfortunately, after they stopped taking the medicine, nearly all of the patients lost the hair they had gained. On the plus side, very few side effects were observed, meaning tofacitinib citrate may eventually be approved as a healthy, daily supplement to instigate hair regrowth in AA patients.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we hope the news of this study will bring hope to our many patients who suffer from hair loss caused by AA. It’s comforting to know that teams of researchers across the world are actively searching for new treatment therapies to help people suffering from all varieties of hair loss to successfully restore their appearance and confidence. Medication is not the only viable path to hair regrowth, and many people may also qualify for Hair Transplant surgeries or Scalp Micropigmentation procedures.

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An Arthritis Medication May Reverse Hair Loss