Eight Easy Tricks For Taming Flyaways

Isn’t it a pain to have flyaway hair after spending so much time perfecting a selfie hairstyle? They seem to appear out of nowhere and, no matter how you comb your hair, the tangles persist. When flyaways strike, you can attempt to trim out the curly hairs. But, before you do that and make things […]

Here’s How You Can Help Your Hair Survive Through Winter

Winter is here, so hunker down for the next few cold months ahead. If you’re like most women, you’ll be using lots of moisturiser this season, as the cold, dry weather can ruin your skin.   It’s no surprise that winter can be harsh on your skin, but have you ever thought about how it […]

How Water Temperature Affects Your Hair Structure

Many people dream of having healthy, glossy, hair and sometimes their dream comes true. However, only a tiny number are born with naturally beautiful hair. Most of us will always need to put in the time and effort to achieve a smooth mane. With that in mind, have you ever thought about the water temperature […]

What Is Hair Mist And What Are Its Uses?

These days, the market abounds with hair scents and hair mists. After all, who doesn’t want that pleasant, fresh aroma that comes from using these products? If your hair smells good, you’re more likely to feel great about your appearance. But what exactly is hair mist and when should you use it? Let’s take a […]

How To Rescue Your Look From A Bad Haircut

Whether you’ve attempting to try bangs or are planning a trim, a new haircut can completely transform your appearance. However, if your stylist fails to grasp your idea or if your effort at cutting your hair goes badly wrong, you could end up with uneven tresses or hair that doesn’t suit you. That’s the kind […]

Are Silicones Bad For Your Hair?

Every day’s a school day, it seems, when it comes to finding out what’s safe to put on your hair and what’s not. Some substances not mentioned on hair product labels have a reputation for causing damage even if they’re not technically harmful. Sulphates certainly fall into that category. Silicones are another routine offender. “Silicone-free” […]

Are Expensive Haircare Products Better?

Haircare is big business, and brands make all kinds of claims about what their products can do for your hair. Look up shampoo information on the internet and you’ll find a lot of marketing information. Some cosmetic products are well worth the investment but be aware that low-cost options might occasionally disappoint. Compared to inexpensive […]

Benefits And Uses Of Zinc Pyrithione For Dandruff-free Hair

Flakes are one of the most typical indications of a scalp health issue. While a variety of factors might generate flakes, dandruff is among the most common causes. You can treat it in different ways, using over-the-counter hair products or prescription drugs, depending on the severity of the problem. But there is one component that […]

What Is Double Shampooing And When Should You Use It?

There are a lot of beauty practices that have their roots in lessons learnt in childhood. For example, your mother told you to shampoo your hair using the old ‘rinse-and-repeat’ technique. And your hair was incredibly thick and rough, and you couldn’t wash it every day. So, double shampooing was the norm for bi-weekly baths. […]

Tips For Achieving The Perfect Winter Wedding Hair

Getting married during winter is an excellent idea except for one issue: your hair. Winter can be just as damaging to your hair as summertime or monsoons. Hair dryness, splitting, dandruff and flaky scalp are the most frequent hair concerns in the winter. These things have the potential to destroy your mood and cast a […]