Stressed by Hair Loss? Why You Need to Chill Out to Fix the Problem!

Hair loss is caused by many things and affects individuals in different ways. That’s why it’s helpful when celebrities share their experience of hair loss through the media. It gets the message out that this is not an isolated problem, that hair loss can affect anyone regardless of wealth or status. It’s particularly helpful when […]

Should I Be Worried About My Hair Products?

When you notice problems developing in your hair, it’s an instinctive reaction to look around for reasons to explain them. Hair loss, hair thinning, damaged strands or scalp problems all have us in a panic and ready to play detective. Chief suspects in all these cases are the products we use on our hair. We […]

Natural Remedies That Just Might Help You Regrow Your Hair!

Hair loss is something that affects many of us, regardless of age or gender. It can be triggered by many different things including genes, hormones, stress and illness. While it can be devastating when it happens, it’s worth remembering two important facts: it’s not always permanent, and there are more and better ways to treat […]

Can Too Much of Your Favourite Tipple Lead to Hair Loss?

Everyone likes a drink, right? Well, maybe not everyone. According to the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (NESARC), 30% of citizens in the United States don’t touch a drop. In the UK, figures compiled by the Office of National Statistics show that about 20% of the adult population is teetotal. That still […]

Are Women Facing a Hair Loss Pandemic?

Hair loss has always been a worry for women. That’s understandable given that around 40% of females over seventy experience female pattern baldness. However, the recent revelation by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) that the number of women receiving hair loss treatment between 2010 and 2021 increased by 151%, accompanied by a […]

Everything You Need to Know About Eyebrow Transplants!

American model and television personality Chrissy Teigen kickstarted a debate about eyebrow transplants when she posted details of her procedure on social media earlier this year. Her pictures and posts were quickly picked up by fashion magazines which highlighted her new eyebrows and discussed the pros and cons of having the treatment. What’s interesting about […]

Is Scalp Folliculitis the Reason for Your Hair Loss?

What do you know about scalp folliculitis? Precious little, is probably the answer most of you will give to that question. And that’s a good thing. It means you haven’t experienced the misery caused by this nasty little skin disorder. But while ignorance is bliss in that sense, ignorance is also dangerous in that it […]

Why Do Hair Transplants Look So Much Better These Days?

Back in the day, hair restoration attempts supplied wannabe comedians with plenty of material. Wigs were always easy to spot and, consequently, a good source of laughter. Early attempts at hair transplants were a marked improvement, but even then the characteristic ‘hair plugs’, provided an easy identifier, so that was always good for a giggle […]

Does Baldness Have a Negative Impact on Your Life?

Bald men have known from the dawn of time that being ‘follicly challenged’ isn’t always easy. Take the nicknames, for starters; ‘baldy’ and ‘slaphead’ are two of the most widely used terms to describe bald men. Sometimes these are used as part of light-hearted banter. At other times, they’re used to insult and offend. Women […]