No matter how hard they fight it, most men will experience hair loss during their lifetimes. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we provide world-class hair restoration treatment so that men can restore their appearance, identity, and confidence––but if the time isn’t yet right for your treatment, we still want you to feel the best you can. Today, we’re sharing six mistakes Men’s Journal advises[i] men to avoid when styling thin hair so that you can make the most of your appearance while you prepare for your hair restoration journey.

  1. Overdosing on product

Avoid using too much cream, clay, paste, or gel. Overdosing will weigh down your hair, making it look thin and stringy.

  1. Adding length to make up for volume

No combover ever looks natural. Unfortunately, it is the natural reaction of many men to grow out hair from the sides and back of their head to supplement thinning hair on the top. Everyone can tell and no one thinks it looks pretty––try a cropped style or buzz cut instead.

  1. Shampooing daily

Clean hair looks thin. Shampooing daily strips natural oils and dirt that add volume and texture to your hair. Try shampooing every other day instead.

  1. Misuse of blow dryers

If you use a blow dryer to style and volumize your hair, be careful. Holding it too close to your head will dry your hair strands and make them look wispy. If you do blow dry, make sure to hold the dryer at least eight inches from your scalp.

  1. The semi-beard

For balding men who grow out their facial hair, Men’s Journal recommends, “go big or go home.” Scraggly hair on your face doesn’t improve your appearance.

  1. Parting in the middle

A center-part can exacerbate the appearance of thinning, but you can’t choose how your hair parts naturally. Instead, try cropping or buzzing your hair.

If you’re still dissatisfied with your appearance after avoiding these mistakes, then it’s time to begin your hair restoration journey. Contact Vinci Hair Clinic today to set up a consultation.



Avoid These Six Mistakes When Styling Thin Hair