At Vinci Hair Clinic, we hear from people all the time about what balding costs them emotionally. But have you ever considered what balding can cost you financially? We hear men and women in business tell us all the time that one of the reasons they want to reverse their hair loss is because their appearance changes how clients treat them, and even whether they want to do business with them! Lately, we’ve been reading Baldness: A Social History by Kerry Segrave to figure out how people have thought about baldness in the past and the different ways they’ve tried to fix it. Recently, we stumbled on the story of an English physician who calculated just how much his baldness cost him.

In the 1800s, a Londoner wrote a letter to a friend about his failing career as a physician. The reason, he decided, was because of his balding head! He wrote, “I have no money and my hair is inconvenient.” He explained to his friend further, “Incipient baldness gives the appearance of a high and dome-like forehead,” which he felt made people trust him less. One day, he sat down and calculated how much he thought his baldness was costing him in lost clients. He decided he was losing about 500 pounds annually. In today’s money, that’s about US $62,000 per year!

That unfortunate London physician wasn’t the only person to notice that a balding head can change the way people treat you. The elected U.S President Donald Trump has been known to say that a full head of hair is essential to business. After looking at close-up pictures, our experts are pretty sure he’s even had a hair transplant of his own!

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we always advise our clients that the most important thing in life––and in business––is what you think about yourself, and not what other’s think of you. Unfortunately, hair loss can negatively impact both your self-image and your wallet. More than anything else, we pride ourselves in empowering people by giving them control over their appearance––and one of our expert procedures might just be an investment that pays back financially, too!



Does Balding Decrease Your Income?