It is highly possible that physical or emotional stress can result in hair loss. The hair growth cycle though only makes this loss evident several months after the traumatic event that caused it and can continue for months after it has occurred. Hair is able to regrow after six months to a year.

The main conditions influenced by stress

An autoimmune disease called alopecia areata is one where smooth, round bald patches appear randomly throughout the scalp. There is no known trigger for this however studies have shown that one could undergo this condition when stressed.

The condition that disrupts the hair growth cycle is known as telogen effluvium. A stressful situation can suddenly shift the anagen growth stage into the telogen resting stage causing the hair follicles to pause from growing for a prolonged period. The hair strands attached to it start to shed a few months after the traumatic event. This may be the most well known stress related cause for balding.


A condition called trichotillomania is a self-inflicted form of hair loss where people feel the need to pull out their own hair whether it is on the scalp, face or all over the body. This is reportedly a coping mechanism to deal with stress, depression, anxiety or boredom.

Get a confirmatory diagnosis

It is not quite known how hair loss is caused by stress. There are direct and indirect causes for it and sometimes, hair loss will actually be the reason for stress. It is not always the reason however and there might be another factor that could be detected by a qualified professional. These could be conditions such as lupus, hypothyroidism or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) that count hair loss as one of its symptoms.

Hair will grow back

There have been a multitude of cases proving that hair will come back once the stressful situation has ceased. The need for medication as well as treatment might be unnecessary. The main thing is to be patient. Knowing how the hair cycle functions can help ease one’s anxiety as well. Be confident however, that the cycle will eventually return to the anagen growth stage. It might take six months to a year though it will arrive. One just has to remember to remain calm and to avoid additional stress in the meantime.

Stress relievers

Getting enough sleep can definitely help reduce the amount of stress one has. It helps repair the muscles and relieve one of any anxious feelings. Not sleeping well can affect the diet, mood and overall lifestyle. You should also eat the right amount of foods to help the body receive the nutrients to keep it healthy and in turn, the hair as well. Exercise can also release endorphins to relieve the body and the mind of more stress. It calms and relaxes the emotions and keeps the blood circulating.

One should try to be self-aware regarding their mood. Negative thought patterns would not help the situation. In fact, it will make it worse. Stress is a very manageable condition and taking it a day at a time will ensure success in treating it.

Are you balding because of stress?