“Of the making of theories as to the causation of baldness, there seems to be no end,” wrote one medical professional in 1901. Fortunately, one century later, specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic can diagnose exactly what causes your balding and recommend evidence-based methods for its reversal. Looking back on the past reveals how far we’ve come, and it can be really interesting to hear about old theories people used to have about causes and cures for baldness.


In that 1901 article published by The British Medical Journal, six of the most popular theories around the turn of the nineteenth century to explain baldness were listed. Some people thought hair loss was caused by wearing hard-brimmed hats. Others suspected it was microbes of some sort. Many worried baldness was caused by being around gas fumes. A few figured it must be the growing popularity of beards. Balding intellectuals flattered themselves by claiming hair loss was caused by an over-active mind. One theory from an American doctor, however, stands out as the strangest of them all.

This unnamed American doctor, according to the article, concocted a “remarkable theory” that “expired air contains organic matter which, if retained in the lungs and absorbed, blights the growth of hair.” In other words, hair loss was thought to be caused by failing to breathe out all the way. While this theory is clearly zany to us today, many men at the time started incorporating breathing exercises into their daily routines in an attempt to prevent baldness. Science quickly moved on, however, and left the breathing theory of baldness long behind.

Today, we know that pattern baldness is a genetic condition in both men and women, and that it can begin at any age. We also know that numerous medical conditions can cause people’s hair to thin or fall out entirely. More importantly, we know that there is no easy cure for a balding head. Luckily, skilled surgeons can restore people’s hairline through hair transplant surgeries, and trained technicians can mimic the appearance of hair through scalp micropigmentation. Sadly, many people still have misconceptions about the causes of baldness and fall for quack cures that waste their time and money. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we encourage you to only trust trained medical professionals, like our world-renowned staff.

Baldness and Breathing