At Vinci Hair Clinic, we take hair seriously. This includes learning about all of the different types of hair and how baldness or thinning occurs differently for different people. Did you know that your hair color actually makes a big difference in the balding process? It can also make a difference in our recommended solutions. To keep you up-to-date, we’ve researched the facts so you don’t have to.

According to Kerry Segrave, a baldness expert, the average head has about 120,000 individual hairs. But surprisingly, this actually changes for people with different hair color. Blonds are at the high end, with an average of 150,000 hairs on their heads. Brunettes come in a bit lower, at about 100,000 per head. Redheads tend to have the lowest count, at about 90,000. As people’s hair begins to thin, those with different hair color who have different amounts of hair on their heads experience the changes differently. Hair color doesn’t just influence the number of hairs on your head; it’s also associated with changes in the texture, thickness, and fragility of your hair. Blond people tend to have very fine hair that actually falls out more easily, while brunettes and redheads have thicker, coarser hair that’s more durable.

In terms of balding, this means that despite their higher hair counts, blond people can bald more quickly than those with other hair colors. To make matters worse, blond people tend to have a light skin tone that amplifies the appearance of baldness even when a substantial amount of hair remains on their heads. For brunettes and redheads, however, skin tone can make a big difference. Lighter-skinned people with dark hair, for example, can appear to have thinner hair than they do because of the contrast in colors.

No matter your hair color, Vinci Hair Clinic has a solution for you. For example, many brunettes whose hair is thinning slowly can decrease the contrast between their skin tone and hair color by undergoing a relatively simple micropigmentation procedure, which decreases the contrast and restores the image of thick hair. Whether you’re blond, brunette, or redheaded, contact our specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic today to discuss our top-of-the-line treatments to restore your hairline

Baldness and Hair Color