vinci-prague-locationThe younger generation is a balding generation.

We can see evidence of this in the British royal family.

It is obvious to those working in the hair restoration field that the genes that cause baldness are evolving and becoming active in younger men. The British Royal family is a living example of how baldness genes are becoming increasingly powerful.

Prince Philip is 96 years old and still has some hair on his head. He probably started losing his hair in his sixties or seventies. Meanwhile, Prince Charles is 69 and his baldness is already obvious. If he did not comb his remaining hair sideways, he would look as bald now as his father does and certainly balder than his father was at the same age.

Now, we come to Prince William. At 35 years old, he is already very bald. And, he started balding at an earlier age than his father – in fact, you can see in photos that he was already thinning in his 20s. Younger brother Prince Harry is also showing signs of male pattern balding, with noticeable thinning at the crown of his head.

As baldness becomes an increasingly common concern for younger men, many are resorting to shaving their heads to make their hair loss less obvious. However this is not the only solution.

The latest, state of the art developments in the field of hair restoration medicine and surgery mean that younger men don’t have to accept baldness as inevitable.

Hair transplantation is a satisfying solution for many men (and women) who suffer from androgenetic hair loss. Technological developments including refined instruments, the use of microscopes in graft-dissection, as well as advancements in technique mean that hair restoration professionals can now achieve superb results.

For those who do not wish to have hair transplant surgery, whether their hair loss is at an early stage or they would prefer not to have surgery for whatever reason, Low Level Laser Therapy with the Laser Cap is a good option. Using the LLLT Laser Cap for 30 minutes every other day can help to slow down or even halt hair loss, and will almost certainly produce some hair growth.

Finally, Micro Scalp Pigmentation MSP is a realistic solution for men who like to shave their heads but wish to conceal baldness and thinning. The technique provides natural-looking, long-lasting results and is non-invasive. MSP can also be used to create a look of density for those who are thinning but would prefer to keep their hair long.


Baldness & the British Royal Family