Vinci Max ™ Hair Transplant Client – Michael

Vinci Hair Clinic beard hair transplant client Michael is a good, recent example of our beard transplant treatment. His result was achieved by taking a small strip of hair from the back of his head, and placing the grafts into the side regions of his face. He had 500 grafts on each side of his face, to give him a thicker, fuller beard.

“I had wanted to grow a beard for years, but couldn’t because of the lack of hair in the cheek area’s of my face. About a year ago I had a FUE hair transplant at the Vinci Hair Clinic, the reason I got the treatment is I could always grow hair around my chin region. In the cheek region I couldn’t grow properly.”

His treatment was carried out at our hair transplant clinic in Harley Street, London, where around 1000 grafts were extracted from the back of Michaels head and implanted into Michael’s face. The treatment works similar to a normal hair transplant, where the grafts are permanent, and will grow just like normal hairs.

By choosing Vinci for his beard hair transplant treatment, Michael has now improved his ability to grow a full beard and got the exact result he was expecting. His result as you can see looks totally natural and his ability to grow his beard is now possible.

“I have to say I’m very happy with the results. The density has improved each month, and its continuing to improve. Im very happy that I have an evenly dense beard which is exactly what I wanted.”

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