Did you know that biotin can help you to grow healthier hair?

Read on to learn about why this nutrient is so important and how to make sure that you are getting enough of it in your diet.

What is Biotin?

Biotin is also called Vitamin B7 and, in the past, was known as Vitamin H. It is used by the body to produce enzymes which are necessary for many cellular activities. Biotin also plays an essential role in cell growth and in helping the body to produce hair, skin and nail tissues. It is a water-soluble vitamin and is not stored in the body. This means that our bodies need us to provide them with a supply of the nutrient every day by eating the right foods. Biotin is found in a wide variety of ingredients and eating egg yolks, liver, nuts, salmon and avocado will help to boost your biotin levels. Signs that you are not getting enough of this nutrient include thinning hair and weak fingernails, as well as itchy, dry skin.

Biotin Supplements for Healthy Hair

For those looking to reap the hair health benefits that this vitamin can offer, there are two main options – biotin fortified hair-care products or biotin hair growth supplements. While many shampoos and conditioners boast biotin as a star ingredient, it cannot be absorbed into the hair and will provide no benefits for hair growth. On the other hand, biotin supplements for hair, skin and nails offer an easy and effective way to supply your body with the nutrient.

Vinci Hair Clinic Vitruvian Line

The importance of biotin for healthy hair growth cannot be overstated. That is why Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts selected it as one of the ingredients in the Vitruvian Line supplement. The Vitruvian Line formula is exclusive to Vinci Hair Clinic and was developed to combine years of experience and knowledge of the science behind hair growth. Along with biotin, the nutritional complex also contains antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, magnesium, calcium, MSM, green tea, saw palmetto and more. The powerful combination of vitamins, minerals and natural plant extracts has been formulated to work in harmony to support healthy hair growth and general well-being.

Biotin for Healthy Hair Growth