Fans of the reality TV show The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) were surprised when one of the stars recently showed off a major appearance transformation. Bobby Norris, who joined the show in its fourth season, is now sporting much thicker-looking beard growth than he has in the past. We take a closer look at the procedure that the celeb underwent to achieve his new look.

Bobby Norris’ Beard Hair Transplant

32-year-old Bobby Norris’ first unveiled his new beard at the National Television Awards in January 2019. The star told the press and social media followers that he’d recently had a “cheeky beard transplant” in order to improve the density of his facial hair growth. Despite criticism from some quarters, the popular celebrity seems delighted with the results of the surgery, saying that it has made him feel much more confident about his looks.

How Does A Beard Transplant Work?

A beard hair transplant follows the same concept as a hair transplant procedure. During the surgery, grafts are harvested from the patient’s head, or in some cases, from elsewhere on the body. The grafts are then prepared and carefully placed into the transplant zone. Just like with a scalp hair transplant, the transplanted hair will fall out after a few weeks and will gradually be replaced by new hair growth. For most men who have the procedure, it takes around a year for the full results to grow in.

Vinci Hair Clinic – Experts in Beard Transplants

If you are unsatisfied with your facial hair growth, hair transplants could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Vinci Hair Clinics are proud to be one of the few hair restoration clinics which specialise in performing this type of surgery. Although beard transplants have a lot in common with a standard hair transplant, Vinci’s experts say that is important to choose a clinic which has specific expertise in facial hair transplants. It is essential for the surgeon to place each graft with care and precision, paying attention to their patient’s unique hair growth patterns and facial bone structure. This ensures that the result achieved looks completely natural and is flattering to the patient’s individual features. You can learn more about this life-changing and confidence-boosting procedure by arranging a consultation at your local Vinci Hair Clinic.

Bobby Norris Is More Confident After Beard Transplant