The Chase: Bradley Walsh’s dramatic new ‘do sparks frenzy and overshadows Sinnerman’s win

An article of the UK’s Express newspaper showed how important a head of hair is to anyone’s appearance, celebrities included. A popular UK TV show, The Chase is hosted by Bradley Walsh. As celebrities go, he is quite well known and his show is many a families’ favorite. Most TV personalities will keep more or less the same hairstyle for as long as possible. It’s called continuity. This is the very reason why something as a simple hairstyle change can have a profound impact on viewers, as Bradley Walsh soon found out.

Why the interest in a celebrity’s hairstyle?

Bradley Walsh has been the face of The Chase since the gameshow came on screen. His change of hairstyle wasn’t that much of a departure from his usual gel comb-over but the reaction from viewers was astonishing. Over time, a person will build their personality and appearance around their hair. People will notice a simple change in hair color or how you part your hair. The Chase garners millions of viewers each episode and, therefore, the number of people reacting to the slight hair change was huge.

Is there stigma still attached to hair loss and hair transplants?

A common thread to the hundreds of comments is hair transplantation. Many comments using the official program hashtag alluded to Wayne Rooney, a popular British footballer who has undergone a hair transplant in the past. Do people still find it a bit embarrassing admitting to having a hair transplant? If so, no wonder hair loss is a confidence-sapping condition. Sometimes it does appear like a no-win game; you’re damned if you’re losing your hair and you’re damned if you decide to do something about it.

There is hope for the future with hair restoration procedures

Far from the glare of the television cameras and celebrity followers, men and women are finding some hope for restoring their lost hair. Advanced medical and surgical procedures now offer people suffering from hair loss some answers. Some methods work better for some cases than others. Getting a professional diagnosis as well as guidance through the various options available is paramount. This is why Vinci Hair Clinic specializes in hair restoration using surgical and medical methods. You can find them by visiting Vinci Hair Clinic. Your hair success story may not set social media alight like Bradley Walsh, but we’re sure it will restore more than just your hairline.


Bradley Walsh’s dramatic new ‘do sparks frenzy