A user of the website Reddit recently caused a stir when she shared news of her noticeable hair regrowth after using minoxidil for just 56 days. The 27-year-old explained to readers how she’d tried the topical hair loss medication after researching it online and was amazed by the results. Having heard this woman’s story, you might be tempted to rush out and buy a bottle of minoxidil. But before you do, you should read this.

What are Realistic Expectations for Minoxidil Results?

The woman who posted her hair regrowth story on Reddit certainly had excellent results with minoxidil and it just goes to show how effective this medicine can be for some people. It is always worth remembering though that everyone is different and results vary between individuals. Most people who use minoxidil daily see improvements in the first few months, as the medicine begins to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. It is important to have realistic expectations with any hair restoration treatment – instead of seeing it as an instant solution, consider it a journey to a new you.

Who is Minoxidil Suitable For?

Minoxidil can be highly effective in treating hair loss but only for men and women with androgenetic alopecia. It will not help with hair loss caused by conditions such as alopecia areata, alopecia universalis or traction alopecia. It is also only suitable for hair loss on the scalp and not on other parts of the body.

Ludwig scale showing stages of female pattern baldness
Vinci Max Norwood Scale
Norwood Scale showing stages of male pattern baldness








Where Can I Buy Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is available without a prescription. It is, however, advisable to see an expert to discuss your hair loss concerns and ensure it is the right solution for you. You can get personalised advice from Vinci Hair Clinic, who offer minoxidil under their brand name Maxogaine. It is available in two different strengths for men and women and includes azelaic acid, which also helps to prevent hair loss. Vinci make life easy for clients who opt to use Maxogaine by offering a convenient subscription service. All you need to do is order through their secure online store and they’ll take care of delivering your minoxidil straight to your doorstep whenever you are due to run out.


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