Dr. Susanne Rossler

Dr. Susanne Rossler has preserved to this day from her early years as a pediatrician the two major driving forces for her medical work. Firstly, the care and attention given to her patient’s and an innate desire to help and secondly, working with microsurgery.

Having worked in the surgical hair restoration Industry prior to joining Vinci Hair Clinic she gathered a high knowledge, love and skill for her work. The patient is always number one in her eyes and to deliver the best result possible.

German-born and fluent in Spanish and English, Dr. Susanne communicates a caring and confident manner along with her team.

“Under the care and sensitivity of an amazing Surgeon Dr Susanne Rossler with their team of Technicians, the whole experience went very smoothly!” G.W. Vinci Hair Clinic Malaga Patient.

Having had work placements in North America and Asia, and also a number of medical articles published she is a firm believer in educating her patients, as well as herself, always keeping up to date with the latest surgical techniques to give her patients the best treatment possible.

Performing both the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques her focus is on the aesthetic result especially the hairline design and position.

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